Manufacturing of PPE Products - All that You Need to Know (Webinar Audio)

On 3rd May 2020, AEPC organized a webinar on “Manufacturing of PPE Products under Medical Textiles” in coordination with SITRA and ITTA. The webinar was moderated by Dr. A. Sakthivel, Chairman, AEPC and there were 3 panelists -

  1. Dr.  K.S. Sundararaman, Chairman ITTA 
  2. Dr. Prakash Vasudevan, Director, SITRA
  3. Mr. Prasenjeet, Consultant  Lectra
Dr. Sundararaman explained what does it means by PPE products, body coveralls. The webinar covered topics like the fabric used for making PPE products (body coverall), machinery and equipment required for making PPE, testing standards, and guidelines for PPE fabric and PPE products. Availability of different types of PPE fabrics and seam sealing tape. Why hot air heat sealing is required and cold sealing (self-adhesive tapes) are not acceptable. Panelists have also shared the productivity of a heat sealing machine. 

Dr.  K.S. Sundararaman and Dr. Prakash Vasudevan answered questions asked by participants.

I had attended the webinar and recorded the audio on my mobile phone. I have uploaded the audio and shared it here. You can listen to the webinar audio record and download the audio file. 

Download the audio file

Download the audio file

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