How Many PPE Coveralls Can be Made by One Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine?

PPE heat sealing machine productivity
Body Coverall

The essential operations in a body coveralls making is heat sealing operations of all seam lines.  Whoever is making or planning to manufacture PPE body coveralls for medical use has all other sewing machines in enough numbers. The bottleneck is a hot air seam sealing one. So a factory's daily body coveralls production depends on hot air seam sealing machines. Here, I have shared the productivity (production capacity) of the hot air seam sealing machine. 

 To answer this question, I will refer 3 sources
 - In a webinar, Dr. K.S. Sundararaman said that PPE coverall manufacturers can make 12-13 body coveralls per hour.  That means you can make 96-100 coveralls in an eight-hour shift. For more information listen to the webinar audio record here.
 - Another source has mentioned that a seam sealing machine can produce 10 body coveralls per hour and 80 coveralls in an eight-hour shift. 
 - Referring to the standard time of all coverall heat sealing operations, it is 5.4 minutes. Considering operation Efficiency @80% (SAM 6.75 minutes), you can make around 9 coveralls per hour. That means 72-75 coveralls per day.


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