Industrial Engineer’s Digest, The New Book is Released

Updated on: 26th March 2021 

Wishing you a happy and eventful new year 2020!

At the start of the new year, I have published my new book ‘Industrial Engineer’s Digest: Learn, Practice and Improve Factory Performace’.

By reading this book, you will learn the concepts of industrial engineering in garment manufacturing, major activities of the IE department, job responsibilities of IE department, methods of doing IE activities, common problems of the garment manufacturing industry, guides and tips for improving shop floor systems, factory performance, individual employee performance.

You will learn about KPIs, preparing daily production reports, presenting data in a better way, managing the shop floor towards improving productivity and efficiency.

Other topics such as employees' skill-building, line balancing, operator grading, bonus system, production tracking system, line layout, garment costing terms and labor cost calculation procedures are covered in this book. I have covered guides for doing improvement projects in your factory by your-self.

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  1. I hope this book would add value to all employes working directly in I.E/Lean.

  2. I'm reading your all Articles continuously Easy to understand for anyone and Useful one...


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