Brother NEXIO IoT System for Shopfloor Production Management

A shopfloor production tracking system can improve productivity, efficiency and quality in a garment factory. Bother's NEXIO system is one of those that can share shopfloor data automatically from the sewing machines without using tablets or any other special console. Once you get data from the system, you can manage the production floor.

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I explored the Nexio system at to learn more about NEXIO.  As per the Brother representative, In the NEXIO technology, a network system saves real-time information automatically to the router, then to the Brother cloud. Later, the information (data) can be utilized by the factory management at any time.

NEXIO Solutions

Here are some key solutions of the Brother Nexio system mentioned by on

NEXIO system automatically tracks the actual production count from each operation.

NEXIO technology eliminates the need to manually check working lines for line balance checking. For example, with 3 connection points, the system is able to provide simple line balance checks, to pinpoint inefficient machinery.

NEXIO system is able to identify and diagnose errors in the machines. This greatly reduces maintenance time and allows you to better future plan maintenance cycles. You can easily implement targeted solutions at identified errors and save time.

NEXIO’s system allows you to completely track the ratio of sewing time to the total working hour across machines that operate the same function and compare the average. Unproductive machines and workers with low sewing time to total working hour ratio can be immediately identified and corrected.

NEXIO Network System enables managers to meet production goals by tracking output trends and setting targets. By tracking actual output over time, this shortens the response time required to correct bottlenecks in production.

Tracks Idle time

Nexio enabled garment factories to view the split between operating time and non-operating time of all the SN machines in the factory. Through this split, operators could easily see which workers are spending too much idle times at their machines, without even needing to walk around the factory to spot check on their workers.

A garment factory can identify that the workers are intentionally idle during working hours so that they could claim overtime hours. With the production data displayed on the big screen, each operator will increase the awareness of their production. Unproductive operators/machines will be very easy to spot and immediate improvements can be achieved.

Installation of the NEXIO IoT System

Easy to use: Easy onboarding and minimal system requirements, NEXIO is an entry model tool. Just insert a flash drive into your machines to obtain data.
Flexible: Applicable to all factory environments, regardless of scale and type. NEXIO can be self-installed at different machines over time.

Here is the NEXIO IOT System Introductory Video (Source: YouTube Brother Asia)

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