Lab Dyeing Machines for Textiles

In the textile and garment manufacturing, dyeing is an inseparable process. To achieve the desired shade of clothes in the dyeing process, you need to conduct testing (Sample dyeing) instead of going for a bulk production directly. In this post, we have covered a few lab dyeing machines by Testex.

What is a lab dyeing machine?

A lab dyeing machine is widely used in textile dyeing factories to stimulate the actual dyeing production process, to improve the relevance of the dyeing formula between lab specimen dyeing results and mass production textile dyeing performance.

Why use a lab dyeing machine?

Without lab dyeing machines, manufacturers will risk their business by depending on their experience only to get a specific dyeing effect, equipped with lab dyeing machines; they can repeat their dyeing test until they get a wright dyeing formula at a controlled cost.

Few common types of lab dyeing machines and their application.

1. Infrared(IR) Lab Dyeing Machine

IR Lab Dyeing Machine is suitable for all fibers and substrates dyeing. The infrared lab dyeing machine produces accurate laboratory sample dyeing with level and reproducible results and accommodates up to 24 positions with a low liquor ratio for synthetic and natural fibers. The fabric sample dyeing machine is commonly used in the laboratory.
Lab dyeing machine
Infrared lab dyeing machine

Features of this machine

Three-dimensional turning, clockwise and anti-clockwise running makes level dyeing results. Beakers are made of quality SUS316 stainless steel, heating fast and level, specially pressure-tested beakers offer maximum safety for atmospheric and high-temperature dyeing. Infrared heating continuously (non-off-type) by durable life infrared heaters which 360-degree ring-shape, direct heating of steel cup, to let dyeing equably and saving 50% electricity. The programmable computer system controls process can save up to 99 kinds of process, LCD displays temperature, time, process No. and temperature curve, imported high-precision PT-100 temperature probe monitoring the actual temperature of dyeing liquor directly, to let heating and cooling automatically.

  • Temperature range: 30-140 °C
  • Heating or cooling speed: 0.5 – 3.5 °C / min
  • Temp. Control accuracy: 1 °C
  • Rotation speed: 0 – 30 rpm (adjustable)
  • Dyeing Beaker: 24 pots / 300ml
  • Liquor Ratio: 1:5 ~ 1:100
Options: The chemical adding system, specially designed chemadd lid (dyepot cap) and chemadd pot (for chemical powder or solution additions) to add chemical without opening dyepot ensures temperature stability during the dyeing.

2. High Temp Lab Dyeing Machine

Lab dyeing machine
High temp lab dyeing machine


Suitable in various galley proofs dyeing and the laundering firm test. The highest operating temperature reaches 140 °C. Equipped with a programmable micro-computer control system, repeatable working condition. May simulate the actual operating conditions.

  • Temperature control: Dyeing Single-chip
  • Dyeing Beakers: 300 ml
  • Temperature Control precision: +/-1°C
  • Working temperature: Room Temp. to 140°C
  • Heating and cooling speed: 0.1~5°C/min
  • Cooling Method: Water cooling
  • Rotation speed: 46 rpm

3. Oscillation Dyeing Machine

Oscillation Dyeing Machine is used for dyeing and washing sample test at room temperature for the textile, printing industry, for the dyeing factory and dyes, additives, chemical plant sample.
Lab dyeing machine
Oscillating Lab Dyeing machine
This machine is professional equipment for sample dyeing and washing test at room temperature in a weak alkaline environment or conventional conditions, for fabrics, fiber or yarn. Ultra quiet design greatly enhances the levelness of specimen dyeing.

  • Number of Beakers 24
  • Beaker Capacity 250ml
  • Shaking distance 42mm
  • Speed 0 ~ 140 cpm
    Max Temperature 99 oC
  • Totally made of high-quality mirror stainless steel could use in any poor environment without any problem. 
  • Specially design high speed, low noise and enough dyeing liquid moving
  • Good micro-processor supply 9 patterns and 10 steps, same as factory dyeing
  • High quality spring hold dyeing beakers exactly without inclination dyeing beakers
  • High quality motor could adjust speed according to customer’s requirement.
  • Easy adding auxiliary during the dyeing process

4. Lab Jig Dyeing Machine


Lab Jig Dyeing Machine is used to adjust the dye formula before batch production for dyeing factories, for the dyeing testing of cotton, linen, fiber gum and artificial fiber, and can realize the bleaching and dyeing of low bath ratio, and simulate the production process of large capacity dyeing machine.
lab dyeing machine
Lab jig dyeing machine
This jig dyeing machine simulates the actual production process of velocity, temperature, pre-tension, the ambient pressure parameters, etc. Jig dyeing machines are small size, less the amount of dye, change the formula flexible, short test process in a short period of time to make up an exact dye formula.

  • Roller Diameter: Φ57 ~ Φ200 mm
  • Roller Width: ≤ 450mm
  • Speed: 0¡«1 0m/min
  • Accuracy of the speed: ±0. 01 m/min
  • Temp. Range: Room Temp. ~ 98 degree
  • Accuracy of the Temp.: ±2 degree
  • Liquid volume: 1.8 L

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To know the performance of textile after dyeing with a pacific formula, it is important to do some reliable tests, and reliable machines play a vital role in offering test results you can trust, thus guide you through the dyeing process safely and soundly.

This content is provided by the textile testing machine and equipment supplier Testex. Dyeing machine images and product specifications are provided by Testex only. TESTEX, concentrating on technical innovations and quality controls for textile testing equipment over the past decade, TESTEX has become a partner of worldwide Labs, Retailers, Organizations, and Colleges.

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