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Different Types of Presser Foot and Their Use

This article covers different types of presser foot used in sewing machines. Images of the different types of sewing machine presser foot are shown here with the use of these feet. 
What is a presser foot A pressure foot is an attachment used with the sewing machine to hold the fabric flat as it is fed through the needle and stitched. The movement of the fabric in both front and back direction is made possible as the feed dog with its motion presses up against the pressure foot and the sewer provides extra support to the fabric by guiding it with one hand. 
The pressure foot keeps the fabric flat so that it does not rise and fall with the needle and pucker as it is stitched. The pressure foot is often single hinged to provide flexibility as the workpiece moves beneath it.

Pressure foot is of numerous types often specialized to adjust with different types of working material, different types of stitches, seams, etc. The most commonly used pressure foot is the all-purpose foot and the…

Garment Costing and Pricing Strategies

The costing of apparel products is one of the most important planning functions performed within the company. Mastery of pricing and costing is crucial for an apparel manufacturer in today’s fast-paced, global marketplace. Costing must be made in such a way that none of the manufacturing, distribution, management process is left out of the calculation. Also, one needs to keep in mind that the profit that has to be made on that. The main objectives of an ideal garment costing and pricing strategies should always be to minimize the wholesale price which in turn will maximize its difference between the retail selling price.

The cost of a garment should be calculated such that it is as accurate as possible to the actual production cost. Thus a competitive market price can be established for that garment. This becomes the responsibility of both a merchandiser and the accountant.

The merchandiser will be responsible for the production costs. And the accountant will be responsible for the o…

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