Defects in the Garment Industry - An eBook by Stitch Diary

A defect can degrade the quality of the garment. Producing defective garment means compromising with product quality, and incurring excess cost, time and labour to make the garment saleable.

100+ different defects found in the garments which come from various sources. A defect can be classified as the source of the defect generation (cutting, stitching, printing, embroidery) and material (knit/woven fabric, trims etc).  

To make a quality garment, one needs to understand how the defects look, what is the source of the defects and how to fix the defect generation. 

Today, I am sharing the recent eBook published by Stitch Diary "Defects in the Garment Industry". You can learn a lot from this eBook. In the Ebook, you will find
  1. Garment defects due to Dyeing & Printing 
  2. Embroidery fabric defects
  3. Defects in woven fabrics
  4. Defects in knit fabrics 
  5. Defects in garment manufacturing
E-Book Coverpage (Currently unavailable).

Note: This eBook is written and published by Mausmi Ambastha. I am sharing this for your reference. Read Mausmi's blog Stitch Diary.

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