How Many Meters of Cloth Needed for Making a Pant

It depends. The length of cloth you need for making a pant/trouser (for men or a woman) depends on mainly in these two factors -
  1. Body measurement (Size Chart) of the wearer - mainly length and waist size
  2. Fabric width – Woven fabrics come in different widths, single width or double width. For double width fabric, you need a lesser length of fabric. Normally 1.3 meters of fabric is considered as the standard length for an average height of people.
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Let’s consider an average man and you are going to make custom-made pants. Here we are talking about woven fabric for formal trouser, the pant worn with a suit.

Cloth needed in meters/yards for different fabric width

  • For 35-36 inches width: 2.3 meters or 2.5 yards
  • For 58-60 inches width:- 1.3 to 1.5 meters or 1.42 - 1.64 yards
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I have researched for the data over the internet for such data and found many opinions through the tailors use a standard length of fabric depending on the fabric width. To a tailor, 5-10 centimetres of extra clothes does not make any difference. The extra cost needs to be borne by you, the wearer (customer). Even unstitched woven fabrics for pants are available for purchasing.

Many still used to buy the trouser fabric cut piece from the shop for making customs pants. The tailor used to measure length (from waist) and add seam margin at the bottom and at waistband and calculated the length of fabric one needs to purchase for my pants.

These days most people purchase ready to wear trousers. So, they don't bother about the fabric requirement for making a trouser.

When you will be purchasing fabric from online shops, you will get standard fabric length and fabric width. You can go for that fabric where there is a little chance of fabric waste.

For bulk production, saving 1 cm length of fabric per garment would save a lot of money when you will be making thousands of pants every day. In such case, you must estimate fabric consumption from your pattern and markers. You can also use a CAD software for pattern making and Software tool for estimating fabric requirement. This guide is for beginners and for those who will be making custom made garments for their customers.

Disclaimer: The above fabric requirement guide is just for your reference. Ideally, your tailor would indicate how much fabric would be needed to stitch a pant. Indicating a standard size for non-standard body measurement might have unwanted errors.

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