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Therbligs and 18 Motions Name with Symbols

What is Therblig? Therbligs refer primarily to the motions of the human body at the workplace and to the mental activities associated with them. Hand and Eye motions. The human body movements are divided into divisions of movements or group of movements for the micromotion study. These divisions of movements or groups of movements are known as Therbligs.

Micromotion study is done for operation with a very short cycle time that repeated many times.

The origin of the Therblig term is very interesting. Therblig is an anagram of Gilbreth (Frank B. Gilbreth), the founder of the motion study. The divisions of the human body movements (activity) were devised by Frank B. Gilbreth.

18 Motions of Therbligs, Symbols, Names, Abbreviation Each therblig has a specific color, symbols and letter for recording purpose. The Therblig symbols (colored), the name of the motion and abbreviation (letter) are shown in the below chart.

Introduction to Workstudy, 3rd edition…

Kind of Flat Lock Sewing Machine Used in T-shirt Manufacturing

I want to know what kind of flat lock sewing machine is used in t-shirt manufacturing. When I searched for a flat lock machine I get non-apparel sewing machines or decorative stitching machines. Can you show me flat lock machine image and machine model numbers for my reference? This question is asked by an OCS reader.

In an earlier post, I have shared different types of sewing machines required for making t-shirts. The flatlock machine is one of them. The technical name of the flatlock sewing machine is cover stitch machine. Also known as interlock sewing machine.

The t-shirt construction required cover stitch seam in bottom hem and sleeve hem operations. For neck piping, flatlock machine is also required. Another use of cover stitch machine is decorative stitch on the t-shirt side seam. shoulder seam etc.

Flatlock machines can be categorized based on the bed type as

Cylinder bed cover stitch - cylinder bed machine is used for sleeve hemming. Flatbed cover stitch machine  In this post…

Garment Costing and Pricing Method

Apparel merchandisers, and garment manufacturing business entrepreneurs do the garment costing and setting the selling price for their orders. Students in the apparel merchandising and apparel production fields also need to learn garment costing and pricing method as part of their course curriculum. Video shared in this post will help you learn more about costing and clarify many things on costing and pricing method.

I have published few articles on garment costing, costing sheet, material costing and calculating factory overhead cost. Today I found one e-tutorial on Youtube video that explains the method of garment costing and its pricing step by step which is very helpful and interesting. I am sharing that video here.

This 18 minutes e-tutorial will be helpful in understanding various components of garment costing and covers the following topics
- Defines various terms related to cost components and pricing.
- Costing sheet
- Elements of cost
- Different parameters that affect the c…

Bangladesh Apparel Industry: Three Things to Expect in 2021

In his earlier post, Yusuf Ahmed talked about what to expect in the Bangladesh apparel industry for 2018. According to him, 2018 will definitely be a good year, but 2021 will be a glorious year for Bangladesh and the Bangladesh ready-made garment manufacturing industry. The current Bangladesh government’s manifesto of Vision 2021 will come full circle and the country will be stepping into a new era of prosperity, not to mention the footprint it will have in this world.

What does this mean for the Bangladeshi apparel industry though? Well, for one thing, the industry will not be the same. Bangladesh clothing manufacturers will be exporting more than $50BN worth of apparel and will remain the hot spot destination to source clothes from. These are just a few of the things to expect in 2021.

Bangladesh Apparel Industry - Universal Health Care
The past few years, clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh have made strides to improve the circumstances surrounding the health and wellness of fact…

Full Form of RMG (Ready-made Garments) in the Apparel Industry

Full form of the RMG In the apparel and fashion industry, RMG stands for Readymade Garments.

RMG industry means Readymade Garment Industry. An RMG factory gets FOB orders from international apparel brands and buyers. The garment factory makes garments from fabrics in volume through the cut to pack processes.

Theterm RMG industry majorly used in Bangladesh readymade garment industry. Also referred to as RMG sector.

In India, we use simply garment industry to refer to the garment manufacturing and export industry.  It may be domestic readymade garment manufacturing or the export manufacturing industry.

Also see: CMT manufacturing.

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