Types of Machines Required for Jeans Manufacturing


I love jeans. So, most of the time I wear a denim pant rather than formal/casual trousers. It is not only me. Many individuals, especially the young generations (man, woman, boys, and girls) love wearing jeans. 

After the t-shirt, I think possibly jeans is the second top popular item among the variety of apparel products. 

You might be thinking - why I am sharing it today? 

I have been asked the following question. Before listing the machine types I am trying to introduce the popularity of jeans and its market demand. 

QUESTION: I am planning on starting a small level business of jeans manufacturing but I don't have any knowledge about the machinery required to make a good jean (denim pant).  Please help me to know about the machinery required and what would be the cost of those machines.

Let me reply to the question asked by one of my fans. I have listed different types of machines required for making jeans in a factory environment.

Sewing machines
  • Single needle lockstitch machine (with/without under bed trimmer)
  • Single needle Edge cutter
  • Double-needle lockstitch
  • Double-needle chain stitch
  • 5 thread overlock machine - side seam 
  • 3 Thread overlock for serging operation, zipper fly serging
  • Feed of the Arm (FOA) - for inseam and back yoke attach
  • Bartack machine - for attaching belt loop
  • Coverstitch machine / Flatlock machine
  • Eyelet hole machine (making eyelets)
  • Multi-needle chain stitch machine (Waistband finish)
  • Buttonhole 
  • Pattern sewer - for back pocket pattern making
  • Snap button attaching machine
  • Loop making (a special machine)
  • Work aids and attachments for various sewing operations
You can also add automatic machine (workstation) for the following operation
- Automatic back pocket attaching machine (pocket setter)
- Automatic belt loop making and belt loop attaching machine
- Automatic J-stitch machine

Cutting room machines
- Automatic fabric spreader
- Automatic cutting machine

For manual spreading and having manual cutting
- Straight knife cutting machine
- End cutter
- Fusing machine

Finishing and packing
- Steam set
- ironing table

You can also install denim washing unit and special finishing set up. 

For machine models and brands, you can refer this page.

To identify operation specific machines and estimated operation time read this article.

Price of the machines

Machine types and machine models remain same. But machine prices are variable depending on the brand, country and order quantity. I would suggest you contact a machine supplier/agent in your location and collect machine price list. A price quote from multiple machine suppliers will give a better idea of machine prices. You can estimate capital investment on machines from the best price quotation. 

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