The Best Kurti Designs and Styles For Every Body Type

Stylish and beautiful kurtis have become one of the most desirable and must-have attire in the Indian women’s wardrobe. It is, in fact, the best approach for staying fashionable along with ensuring great comfort. Kurtis are the most versatile pieces of clothing that have found a great place in the wardrobe of every Indian woman.

No matter whether there is a professional meeting at work, a social function, or just another day at college, a kurti can be your best option! To help you select the best kurtis matching your body type, here is a complete guide to the best and most stylish kurti types. Take a look and pick up the one that best complements your looks and personality!

1. Front Slit Kurti 

Front slit kurtis have been high on trend due to the sex appeal that it adds to your overall personality. Moreover, it even gives more comfort since you can enjoy more space for movement! This style can be the perfect option for you if you have a heavy waist with the slender torso. It will help you cover those extra inches perfectly well!

2. Shirt Kurti

This kurti is styled to be buttoned down all its way to the bottom or either till the waist. You can play around with different collar styles including kurti neck designs with piping. It looks great on all the body types. To add some more style, it is advised to pair it with leggings or skinny jeans. You can even just lose its bottom and wear it as a dress. It will look stunning in any way!

3. Straight Kurti

As the name suggests, straight kurti is similar in width from the waist to the bottom. This type of kurti mostly comes in varying length. However, most of them are long. These kurtis can look best on the tall frames. It would actually enhance your tall figure more. You can wear it with leggings for a casual look and even throw a dupatta or a stole to be on a formal side.

4. Tunic Kurti

Tunic kurtis are very versatile. They are normally short in length and one of the most convenient attire to wear regardless of the season. If you are lean, going for well-fitted tunic can be a good option. If you are a bit healthy, go for paneled patterns or the kurtis with ¾ sleeves. You can wear these kurtis with your denim and can even be paired with a stole for more serious looks.

5. Frock Style Kurtis

If you want an elegant look, nothing can beat up the personality and style you desire other than frock style kurtis. They are both traditional and classic pieces of attire. Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns, and lengths. It is, in fact, a must has kurti style for every woman out there. It is an ideal style for those having a straight frame to create curves.

So, the next time you head out for shopping with your friends, make sure to buy the above awesome styled kurtis for you. Wear them and let your personality speak!

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