Printed Label Manufacturing Process

Labels are among the main trims used in garments. Various information about garments are printed on the printed label - like fiber content, wash and care instructions, size of the garment, and brand name. There are two types of labels used for garment labeling.
  1. Woven labels
  2. Printed labels
The printed label is the label that is printed by ink on a narrow fabric or ribbon. The printed label production method, machines and equipment requirement are discussed in this article.

Printed labels 

Different types of printed labels

  1. Several types of printed label are found like 
  2. Printed wash & care label,
  3. Printed content label
  4. Printed date/size label,
  5. Brand label,
  6. Special label
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Material Used for making printed care label

1. Satin Tape/Ribbon Tape

Tapes are the main raw materials used for printed label making. Tapes is mainly available in roll form. One roll ribbon tape generally contain 183 yard of ribbon. There are various sizes of satin tape used for label/size label making.

Satin tap / ribbon tape

Different sizes of ribbon tapes are given bellow
  • 16 mm Satin B/S(Both side) white
  • 16 mm Slides O/S(One side) White
  • 16 mm Woven’s B/S Black
  • 16 mm Woven’s B/S White
  • 19 mm Paper white ribbon
  • 20 mm Woven’s B/S Black
  • 20 mm Woven’s B/S White
  • 25 mm woven’s B/S White
  • 25 mm Slides B/S Black
  • 25 mm Slides B/S White
  • 25 mm Woven B/S W/B
  • 25 mm Woven’s O/S Black
  • 25 mm Woven’s O/S White
  • 30 mm Slides O/S White
  • 32 mm Slides O/S White
  • 35 mm Slides O/S White
  • 38 mm Paper White
  • 38 mm Slides O/S White
2. Liquid Ink
Various color plasticize ink are used for printing the care label on Satin Tape.

3. Reducer Mix
The ink is not used directly to print. Some liquid reducer is used to make the ink thicker.

4. Color Smoothing agent 
It is a liquid agent mix with ink for making smoothing of color during printing.

5. Drying agent
Drying agent comes in liquid form. A small amount of drying agent is mixed into the ink. Color will not fast after wash if the drying agents are not used. Mainly XL-LT and XL-RB is used as drying agent

Machine used for Care Label and Size label Made

1. Label Printing Machine - 2 types of printing machines are used

A) Flexo-graphic printing machines - 6 color printing  machine and 3 color printing  machine
B) Rotary printing machine-6 color printing machine and 3 color printing machine

2. Curing Machine

3. Label Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

Label printing machine
Label printing machine
Clothing label printing machine
Label printing machine

Ultrasonic label cutting machine

Production Procedure of Printed Label

Step-1: Set the ribbon tape roll on a tape holder roller of label printing machine. Take out the opening strip of ribbon tape and set with the ribbon side over blanket roller sides, guide roller side, on the heater plate and finally the output roller side, where the printed label will rolled on. There is an electric control board settled on machine, where have the machine temperature, counter meter, on –off switch.

Step-2: Rubber block (made as per buyer requirement), it is sated on label printing machine SS roller with green adhesive tape. The SS roller is connected with ink pot and blanket roller. The ink is transferred from ink pot to rubber block. This rubber block transferred ink to blanket roller and blanket roller transfer the image to ribbon tape.

Step-3: After all setting, start the machine. The ink is transferred from ink pot to rubber block. This rubber block transferred ink to blanket roller and blanket roller transfer the image to ribbon tape. The printed ribbon parts are passed through 2 heaters sated with machine. Then another part of Ribbon is rolled up after printing.

Step-4: The drying that is done by machine is not enough. So the printed label-roll needs another drying in a dryer. Put the Printed Ribbon to dryer with temperature is 125 degree centigrade for 30 min. In one dryer machine 20 to 30 roll Printed Ribbon can dry.

Step-5: After drying, the ribbon is set to the ultrasonic cutting machine for cut according to sizes a per buyer requirement. The capacity of the machine is 18000 pieces per hour of 10 cm length label cutting. The label width can be 1 to 70 mm to 1 to 1000 mm length. The cutting machine have laser, sonic system, digital display board for setting cutting length, cutting pressure, cutting qty etc. After setting all parameters, set the printed label roll to roll holder and it is rolling while cutting operation is done.

Step-6: After cutting the labels are sent to quality control department. The quality checker checks labels for defective labels like print problem, cutting size problem etc. After checking labels are packed into a carton or polybag and label are ready for delivery.

About the author
K.M. Emran Hossain is a Mechanical Engineer and he is based in Bangladesh. He has working experience in garment manufacturing and garment accessory manufacturing field. He has worked in Epic group as industrial engineer, at Dekko group as asst. production manager, and at Pran-RFL group as operation manager of plastic products. Currently he is working as factory head at NZ group. He can be reached at emran.htlfl[at]
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