Handbook on Productivity by APO (Free Download)

This ebook is published as a companion to Productivity in the Asia-Pacific: Past, Present, and Future by Asian Productivity Organization (APO). This slim volume defines common productivity terms, practices, and techniques. A handy reference for practitioners at all levels.

Inside the book you will learn the various productivity improvement tools and methods and productivity management cycle.

Chart source: Handbook on productivity by APO

This handbook covers following areas.
  1. Definition of Productivity
  2. Impact of Productivity
  3. Productivity Initiatives
  4. Cross-cutting Productivity Initiatives
  5. Product-related Productivity Initiatives
  6. Process-related Productivity Initiatives
  7. People-related Productivity Initiatives
  8. Policy-related Productivity Initiatives

To learn above topics on productivity download and read this book. Download the ebook by clicking on the following download button.

Cover page of the handbook 
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