Operation Bulletin of a Formal Trouser

An operation bulletin is an essential tool for style analysis and line set in the garment industry. For your reference, an operation bulletin of a formal trouser is shared in this post. You can refer to this operation bulletin to learn about various operations involved and machine requirement in making a trouser.

If you are wondering how to make an operation bulletin, read the process of making an operation bulletin.

Operation Bulletin of a Formal Trouser

An operation bulletin of a formal trouser is shown in the following table. In this OB, operations list, estimated time, machine requirement, manpower requirement and hourly production target quantity at 80% efficiency are shown.

Sample operation bulletin - formal trouser
Disclaimer: The standard time (SAM) shown in the above OB, may vary depending on the product design, methods followed, and machine and equipment used in actual production. So be careful while you measure SAM against each operation. You are suggested to calculate operations SAM by your own if you know how to calculate the operation SAM.

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Full form of the machine names

In the above table, the short name of sewing machines is written. Followings are the abbreviation of those short machine codes.
SNLS - Single needle lock stitch
3THOL - Overlock (3 thread)
SNCS - Single needle chain stitch
BS - Button sewer
BH - Button hole machine
Hook-bar - Hook and bar attaching machine
SNEC - Single needle edge cutter
WELT - Auto pocket welting machine
Saddle stitch - Saddle stitch machine
Blind hem - Blind hemming machine
Bartack - Bartack machine