Fully Automated Production Line for 5 Pocket Jeans Manufacturing by VibeMac

A 5 pockets jeans pant is a common article among the wide range apparel products. There are traditional sewing machines used for making full jeans. As technology advancement happened in jeans manufacturing, automated stitching machines are developed and available for bulk jeans production. In this post we will see those automated machines and workstations with a video from Vibemac.

pattern stitching machine
Back pocket pattern stitching machine

Lets look at the jean manufacturing operations.

  1. Back pocket pattern stitching
  2. Pocket opening serging / hemming
  3. Pocket folding
  4. Pocket setting to back panel (2514-V4)
  5. Attaching back yoke
  6. Back rise join (FOA)
  7. Attaching zipper fly manually/ zipper attach/
  8. Overlock side seam
  9. Inseam (FOA) 2262 HP
  10. Waistband binding (Chain stitch)
  11. Bottom hem
  12. Belt loop making
  13. Belt loop attach (Bar tacking)

In the following video you can see machines used for those operations.
Watch this video (Video source: Youtube/Simon b)


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