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Automatic J Stitch Machine for Trouser and Jeans (Video)

Automation in readymade garment industry like in trouser manufacturing and jeans manufacturing are in demand, to speed up the production and improve product quality with minimum need of human intervention. We have seen automation in jeans pocket setter, making belt loop and attaching loops to the waistband. And few more sewing automation is there. Today we will share about automatic J-stitch machine.

Stitching Defects Found in Knits Garments

When we talk about quality control in the garment industry, mostly we relate quality with defects on garments and raw materials; and finding solutions for those defects.

A defect may occur due to improper handling of garments and garment components. Defects might exist in the raw material (fabrics, and trims) itself, or it may be generated at the time of stitching the garment. In this post, we will only discuss stitching defects in found knitted garments.

Stitching defects in a knitted garment may occur due to one of the following reasons.
An operator is not trained enough to stitch and handle particular seam/stitch typeMachine is malfunctioningOperators don't follow instruction Let come to the point and discuss what are the common stitching defects found in knits garments?

There are many defects found in knits products. Stitching defects are named according to the nature of the defects, or its location. Frequently occurred stitching defects found in common knitted products like t…

What is Taffeta?

Taffeta is a fine lustrous silk or similar synthetic fabric with a crisp texture. Taffeta is a commonly used lining material in high end apparel products like in trouser, suits, and many other products. The taffeta lining material helps garments to keep in shape and can add insulation in the garments. Originally taffeta was made of silk but now-a-days also made of synthetic yarns like polyester, nylon or man-made fibre like rayon.

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