Automatic J Stitch Machine for Trouser and Jeans (Video)

Automation in readymade garment industry like in trouser manufacturing and jeans manufacturing are in demand, to speed up the production and improve product quality with minimum need of human intervention. We have seen automation in jeans pocket setter, making belt loop and attaching loops to the waistband. And few more sewing automation is there. Today we will share about automatic J-stitch machine.

J-Stitch is a common operation in bottoms - like trouser and jeans. In traditional method, for this operation first marking is done for 'J' shape and sewer stitch the mark to sew J-stitch. In advanced factories, a template is used by sewer to make J-stitch in trouser and jeans.
J stitch in Jeans
Nisho Single Needle Auto J Stitch Sewer
In the following a video is shared for automatic J-Stitch machine from Supreme Nisho.

Video source: Youtube/Focus
Machine Model: SNAS-2210-JSDN

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