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How Plastic Buttons are Made?

Plastic buttons, also known as molded plastic button are very common items in apparel trims. We as garment makers often use buttons for making garments like shirts, blouse, trouser, uniforms, suits and many other apparel products. But many of us don’t know how buttons are made in a plant. This article covers an introduction about plastic button manufacturing process. Read this to learn about button making process.

Kaizen and Its Importance in Our Lives

When we talk about LEAN management, Kaizan is one of the first word we all remember and discuss. In this article, let’s try to understand what kaizan really is and how it can be practically used to improve the working conditions and more importantly individual job satisfaction.

How to Convert Fabric Price from per Yard to per Kg?

Question: Could you please help me to know the basic formula of conversion of fabric price from per yard to the price per Kg? For example, I got the price of fabric as Price: $ 1.28/Yd, Weight: 140 gsm and Width: 60 inches. Now I need this same fabric price in per kilogram basis. Could you please show me how to convert it? .. asked by an OCS reader.

How to Convert Fabric Price from per Yard to per Kg

This is a common fact that we need to convert fabric length from one unit to another. We may need to convert fabric price from one unit to another. In your case, you have got fabric price per yard and you need to know the price of same fabric per Kg.

Basically, we have to convert fabric length (i.e. in the yard) into weight. To calculate fabric weight of certain length we  need the following information
Fabric length, Fabric width and Fabric GSM You already have data for all these parameters. So we can calculate fabric price per kg in some steps. Go through the following steps.
Step#1: Un…

The 5 WHY – A Simple Process to Understand any Problem (Root cause analysis)

It is often thought that a concept such as LEAN needs either extensive studies or training to be any good at it. So we leave it to so called consultants to come and teach and train us on lean management and lean principles. While consultants can certainly help with their extensive knowledge and training on the subject, we don’t necessarily have to wait for somebody to teach us on the basic principles and basic tools of lean to start benefiting from it.

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