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Different Kind of Material Handling Systems Used in the Garment Industry

Material handling system plays an important role in improved material flow and increasing production performance in the readymade garment industry. If you ever visited a garment factory, you might have seen various kind of material handling equipment used by them. In this post I’ll be discussing different types of material handling systems found in the readymade garment industry.

Pfaff Industrial Expanded its Machine Range within Jeans Sector

In jeans manufacturing demand for automation is on the rise, with focus on quality and steady output. Pfaff Industrial, a Germany based sewing machine manufacturer recently launched their new automatic sewing machines for jeans to meet the industry demand.

Furniture Needed for Setting up a Garment Factory (Garment Industry Furniture)

A house is incomplete without some furniture. Similarly, a garment factory is incomplete without having the necessary furniture. Furniture is a necessity for a garment factory. To make the factory infrastructure you need various kind of and various size of furniture like working table, material storage, means of material transportation and more. The factory uses a lot of furniture to perform day to day activities.

Let’s assume you are going to set up a readymade garment factory - and you are preparing a list of furniture you need to buy for different processes/ departments and office area. I am not talking about furniture for decorative purpose but all the functional furniture. If you have not seen a factory before or have not worked in a garment factory, it would be difficult to make the list. In this post, I’ll be showing you list of furniture those are the general requirement of the garment industry. I mean in the readymade garment factories.

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