Pfaff Industrial Expanded its Machine Range within Jeans Sector

In jeans manufacturing demand for automation is on the rise, with focus on quality and steady output. Pfaff Industrial, a Germany based sewing machine manufacturer recently launched their new automatic sewing machines for jeans to meet the industry demand.

Based on the strategy of the Shanggong-group (with the brands Duerkopp Adler, Pfaff Industrial, Beisler, and KSL), Pfaff has expanded their machine range within the jeans area, and introduced some new special machines to the market the last few months.

Watch following video on automated belt loop making and  hemming system for jeans components.

Video#1: PFAFF 3840 Belt loops

Video#2:  PFAFF 3538 Hemming system with chain cutter and rotating stacker (Jeans)

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