4 Point Inspection System: Acceptable level (Points per 100 square yards)

4 Point Inspection System is the most common and widely used fabric quality inspection system for all types of fabrics in the textile and apparel industry.

4 Point inspection procedure for fabrics, criteria for giving penalty points for fabric defects and calculation method of total points in an inspected fabric roll is explained in this article. (If don't know basics of 4 point inspection system, I would suggest you read that article first.)

4 point fabric inspection system

Now the question is that -

  • How many points are acceptable for a given length and width of fabric? Or
  • How many points per 100 square yards should be accepted? 
Many used to say that up to 40 points per 100 square yards are acceptable. Is that true? Continue reading to have a clear idea about the acceptable level.

In the apparel and textile industry, textile mills, apparel brands and buyers set their own standards for acceptable points. You can use standards set by ASTM.

Many mills grade fabrics as first quality and second quality instead of just Pass/Fail the fabric roll or fabric lot. Again grading is done based number of penalty points per 100 square yards.

One more thing you should remember that acceptable points can be defined as points per 100 linear yards as well as points per 100 square yards. Secondly, acceptable points for individual roll and acceptable average points of all roll are set at different level.

I was reading a quality manual of an international buyer that explains something like following
  • Any running defect more than 4 continuous yards will cause the roll to be rejected.
  • Fabric width up to 64-66 inches shall be classified as first quality if number of penalty points therein does not exceed 50 points per 100 linear yards. 
  • For fabric width wider than 64-66 inches acceptable penalty points should be proportion of 50 points per 100 linear yards. (Use 64 inch for such calculation) 

In general, acceptable level of ‘points per 100 linear yards’ or ‘points per 100 square yards’ are different for different fabric types. For example:

For Cotton Twill/Denim: 28 points per 100 square yards (23 points per 100 square meters) for individual fabric roll

All synthetic fabrics: 20 points per 100 square yards (16 points per 100 square meters) for individual fabric roll

For the complete list of penalty points for different fabric, types refer following documents (Downloadable).
  1.  4 point inspection - acceptable level by Asia Inspection

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