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How I Learned Industrial Engineering (and How You Can Too)?

For the last 3 years, I'm writing tutorials on Industrial Engineering topics ... and I learned many things on Industrial Engineering in this process. How did I learn that much of Industrial Engineering?

In this post, I will share methods that I used to learn (and still using) Industrial Engineering and how you can too learn it. These are non-traditional learning methods but very effective. You can copy my techniques and learn Industrial Engineering.

The Resurgence of Sewing (Infographic)

Do you love sewing?

You might find the many reasons here why to love sewing. If you love sewing you can start business from home or in a small scale on your own terms.

Read the the recent changes in the sewing industry and why people love sewing in the following infographic.

This infographic is created by Prasad of Terrysfabrics.

Difference between Knits and Woven Fabrics

Fabrics are broadly categorized as knits fabrics and woven fabrics. Though this question is a basic one to a garment industry professional, I would like to explain it a little bit for newcomers. Whether you are starting your business in clothing industry, or starting your career in clothing line or setting up ready-made garment manufacturing unit, one day you might need to know about these two types of fabrics.

To compare these two types of fabrics I will tell you how they are made, compare their physical properties, and will show some examples to give you a complete understanding of these two types of fabrics.
Knits Fabrics: Think of a T-shirt or Polo shirt or legging or an inner-wear.

These clothes are made from knits fabrics. Knits fabrics are made by inter-looping yarns. You might be seen knitting of sweaters by hand- that is an example of knits fabric.

In knitting the whole fabric sheet can be made by single yarn though in circular knitting machine multiple feeders (multiple ya…

101 Online Clothing Shopping Sites for Indian Shoppers

This is a Big Fat list of online shopping sites for Indian customers. A list of 130 shopping sites. The count is growing. On the other side, few sites have been already closed recently. Customers have both bad and good experience about buying clothes from online shops.

This list for them who are looking for options for shopping online. Also for them who are planning to start a business in this field. Most of these sites are owned by Indian entrepreneurs.

Do you own Online Clothing Shopping site? Send it to us to enlist your site here.

This list is made in alphabetical order. Single line description is given for each site.

AAll Memoirs Product Classification and Sharing Platform, containing Handpicked products from multiple e-commerce sites. Alpine Fashion: Online Wholesale Store For Women Clothing, Accessories and MoreAmerican Shown Men and women apparel. Also sells home production and beauty products Artsy India Women wear - suit, salwars, sareesArts and Gilts Sarees, Women ApparelsA…

Download eBook Instantly - An update on Purchasing OCS Book

I just like to share with you that payment procedure for buying OCS eBook is updated today.  Now you can download the eBook instantly by purchasing it. (Not applicable for Indian customers).

Are you interested to buy this book?

Price update: $10 only (Rs. 300 for Indian customers)

I also like to share with you that two days ago I have given free copies of the book 'Industrial Engineering Guide to Job Interview Preparation" to all who participated in the online survey conducted by OCS. The survey was conducted about one year ago when I was planning to write this book.

I am very much thankful to all OCS fans who participated in the survey and supported me to create this book.

Interested to know what questions are included in this book? Read the table of contents.

20 Tips to Increase Garment Production and Floor Performance

'Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance'  - James Baker.

There are many heavy duty theories for improving production in garment industry. Many of us go for implementing such difficult-to-understand and difficult-to-apply methods. Somehow we forget to apply simple things those have enough potential to bring improvement in production.

Floor performance can be improved by saving time, increasing production, saving cost of production, increasing workers' health and safety etc. All these are possible by taking care of small things. To make your factory better and improve overall performance, keep your eyes in small things as well. Bring changes that give you greater benefits.

5 Key Steps of Critical Path Management and Common Fashion Industry Problems

Do you face a problem in meeting your production plan? Is the problem with shipping goods on time? 
If yes, do you know why your plan failed? 
One reason might be that you are not doing your plan correctly. You might be not using the right planning tool.

Production Planning, Work Scheduling and making Time & Action Calendar for orders are very common tasks for garment industry professionals. But my question is what do they use appropriate tools for planning production, scheduling task and executing plans? 
I thought you would like to learn about Critical Path Management (CPM) and how to manage the critical path of orders. Here I have shared The Fast React Guide to Critical Path Management (Part 1), by Fast React Systems Ltd – Europe

This is a management brief.  Download the management brief to read and learn. (Link has been moved by fast react)
This document contains the following topics Why is Critical Path (CP) more important now than ever before?What exactly does Critical Path in…

How to Calculate Cost of Manufacturing Apparel Products

Estimating correct manufacturing cost is essential for a successful business. You might be preparing a garment cost sheet and need to find manufacturing cost per garment. But don't know exactly how to do it and don't have full confidence calculating the same. Don't worry.

Read this post and learn the basic method of determining the Cost of Manufacturing (CM) of apparel products.
What is the cost of manufacturing Cost of manufacturing can be defined as the cost incurred by the factory to run the factory making garments. Factory running cost includes direct labour cost and manufacturing overhead. Here manufacturing overheads are indirect workers wages, staff salary, power and fuel cost, repair and maintenance cost, factory rent, administration cost etc. This cost is also known as an operating cost. Cost of Manufacturing is determined for per unit garment.

There are two ways to find the Cost of Manufacturing (CM) for a particular style/order.   Based on Standard Time (SAM) of…

Comparison of Cost and Production Between a Traditional Bundle System and a Unit Production System Installed (Downloadable Research Paper)

I was earlier complaining about not having much study materials on the net for us. Study materials like articles on various topics related to Garment Production, Technology, Did-it-Yourself Guides, Tutorials etc. Do you also think so?

Now I would say that I was wrong. Actually, there are enough study materials for learning from the net. Just we need to become smart in searching on Google.

Yesterday I discovered one such valuable document (A Research Report) from the Fashion Institute of Technology's Advanced Apparel Manufacturing Technology Department (AAMTD). This research report is the result of work performed under the sponsorship of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the United States Department of Defense, Defense Logistics Agency.

You can download and read this research paper. This report explains facts related to Traditional Bundle System (PBS) and Unit Production system (UPS) and Apparel Production Methods. And shows a comparison of Cost and Production between PBS an…

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