How a Clothing Business Does Online Marketing?

Think you have a style that the public craves?

Have you designed the latest fashion trend that’s sure to be the next hottest thing? 

Even with gorgeous garments and stunning accessories, you wouldn't sell without proper internet marketing. Check out these clothing business marketing tips and get ready to sell your clothes and accessories with ease.

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1. Leveraging Social Media

Social media is an imperative part of marketing. With millions upon millions of users logging into social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s only obvious that having your business logged on to one (or all) of these websites is imperative to marketing. If you only want to create one business page on a social media network, the top choice would be Facebook. 

However, feel free to design multiple pages on top-ranking sites like 'X' and Instagram. And while Myspace may not be the cream of the crop anymore in terms of social media networking, you can still benefit from creating a business page there too.

2. Posting banner Ads on niche websites

After creating your business website and secondary social media networking pages, you need to start thinking about banner and text ads for online marketing. These ads can be paid for in bulk, or you can contact similar websites to see if they will list your website in their ads. 

For example: if you have a punk rock clothing line, you’ll want to find other punk rock websites and clothing stores with similar items to promote your upcoming brand. This type of internet marketing may take a little longer, but you’ll get better links in the long run. However, still feel free to have a website do the work for you, for a small fee. This option saves a lot of time and can promote your website faster.

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3. Publishing blog posts regular 

Creating a blog for your brand is a great way to cause a ‘buzz’ on the internet. Your blog should represent some exciting news about clothes relating to your own brand, or just upcoming fashion news in general. You can also add other fascinating pieces that aren't so relevant, but it’s best to stay on topic as much as possible. Don’t forget to add plenty of keywords, but don’t over-stuff them as Google will see your blog post as ‘spam’ (and that’s clearly a bad thing).

But don’t let your blogging stop on your page. Guest blog on similar websites or add comments to popular blogs linking back to your website.

4. Writing content using the right keywords

A keyword is insanely important when it comes to internet marketing. When a user searches for something in their preferred search engine, such as ‘punk rock clothes’, the top sites will appear on their web page. If you have enough keywords, your website will come up in the search engine. Again, it is important not to over-stuff keywords- just add them to your website without overdoing it. Make it look as natural as possible. This will not only help your ranking and popularity but will also sound good when users enter your site. Nobody wants to read an influx of keywords, so adding them sporadically works best.


In this article, the author has pointed out 4 ways to do online marketing for your fashion business. You can start with one and embrace the other ways of getting more business. Some fashion businesses utilize this website (Online Clothing Study) to promote their business through guest posts and link insertion with keywords (anchor texts). 

Author Bio: Lauren is an avid blogger with over 3 years of experience in the field. With a witty writing tone and pure passion for writing, she proudly writes for a variety of online publications.

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