Children's Size Chart for Various Clothes by Age and Body Measurement

It is quite difficult when it comes for selection of correct clothes sizes for kids - infants, girls and boys. Most of the parents go for age of the children when shopping different clothes for their kids. Still a size chart helps a lot to select right garments.

Here 3 set of size charts are shown for

  • Infants (0 Month to 4 years) 
  • Girls (4 Years to 12 Years) and 
  • Boys (4 Years to 12 Years)
Measurement positions

Boy measurement are shown in centimeter and inches. Measure directly on the child's body. See the measurement position of the kid's body in left side image. Measure the whole length, from head to foot, of the child to get the correct size in cm or inches. Following size chart is taken from an online clothing site.