MIS Formats Used in Garment Manufacturing Units

To manage and control apparel production data plays an important. So you need capture data from all production departments. A number of MIS formats are being used by garment factories to capture required data. Where some factories use basic formats, others use advanced or IT based MIS formats-like ERP software,  mobile application, AI tool etc.

By using MIS system (reports) managers can measure work, track information on the right time and in the right form. Some basic formats used by various departments such as merchandising, fabric store, cutting room, sewing floor, work study, quality audit and finishing department are listed here.

I have shared most of these MIS formats in various posts. To see those format use search button and type the format name. You can download few report template from this page.

Fabric Store MIS

  • Fabric issue and receive book
  • Fabric inventory book
  • Logbook for fabric quality and swatches
  • Fabric conciliation report
  • Fabric Test Report (Internal Lab Test)

Cutting room MIS

  • Fabric requisition Slip
  • Lay slip
  • Cutting record book
  • Fusing record
  • Bundle record keeping
  • Record of end bits
  • Cutting machine maintenance logbook
  • Fusing machine check sheet

Sewing / Production MIS

  • Hourly production report (Basic)
  • Hourly production report (Advanced)
  • Daily Production report (Basic)
  • Daily production report (Cutting, loading, sewing, and finishing altogether)
  • Cutting receiving an issue to finishing record book
  • Daily Line Efficiency report
  • Operator efficiency report
  • Non Productive timesheet
  • Broken Needle Log Book
  • Production Record Book
  • Machine maintenance Log Sheet
  • Over time request slip

Work Study MIS

  • Daily factory cost sheet
  • Machine and manpower utilization report
  • Time study sheet
  • Capacity study sheet
  • Operation Bulletin
  • Sewing thread consumption sheet

Merchandising MIS

  • Sample order Sheet
  • Order Indent
  • Style Sheet
  • Bill of Material sheet / Material requirement
  • Sample submission
  • Production file Checklist
  • Time and Action Calendar
  • Order tracking sheet
  • Purchase order request Sheet
  • Pre-production meeting format
  • R&D report

Quality MIS

  • Sample Audit Sheet
  • 4 point inspection system sheet
  • Cutting Room audit Report
  • Traffic Light system format
  • End line inspection format
  • Internal quality Audit Format
  • Shipment Audit Report
  • Measurement Checking Sheet
  • Line wise daily quality report (DHU and Percentage defective) for all departments

Finishing and Packing

  • Pressing production record
  • Stain removing record
  • Packing List
  • Finishing production record
  • Garment alteration record

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