Intelligent Transportation System for Unit Production System (UPS)

In order to achieve the long-term industrial transformation of the Clothing Industry, LEAPFROG initiates atomization of tasks needed to manufacture clothes. Intelligent Transportation system is one of the developments by Leapfrog. 

It is an overhead transportation system consisting of a modular rail on which a discrete number of trolleys carrying parts can run forward and backward. The task of the transportation system is to dispatch the parts and sub-assemblies to the stations and cells that will perform suitable manufacturing operations to create a product. 

To ensure automatic, continuous, error-free parts identification RFIDs are embedded in the hangers and continuously updated with the part manufacturing data so that the complete traceability of the single parts is assured. 

Innovative features include miniaturized intelligent motion controller, compact power drive, high-performance motor with permanent magnets, ZigBee technology to ensure safe and robust communication, use of RFID tags to guarantee parts traceability. The intelligent trolleys are able to perfectly know their current position. 

Thanks to their capability to read a continuous bar code located all along the track. They are able to communicate with the central manager using the ZigBee technology, that is a wireless technology very robust and error-free. This permit the central manager always to know the trolley current position. 

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