GSD and Amann & Soehne Launch Intelligent Thread Calculation Software

Amann, the German based thread manufacturer and GSD, the UK based proprietors of the world renowned GSD costing and productivity solution, are pleased to announce a joint collaboration on “ITC”, an innovative software module which provides a scientific and consistent mathematical solution to accurate measurement of “Thread Demand”.

Managing the financial aspects of any business is essential to continued success and an accurate assessment of stock requirement is important if working capital is not to be needlessly tied up in unwanted or unneeded raw materials - and accurate assessment of Thread Demand enables the manufacturer to order precise quantities of thread, thereby avoiding excessive amounts of working capital being “locked up” in the stockroom.

Additionally, accurately quantified Thread Demand (that which is needed) facilitates a comparison to “thread consumption” (that which is used) and thereby provides a key performance indicator of the efficiency of raw materials usage. ITC brings a new dimension to these important business processes.

ITC is populated at Operation level and uses the following variables to calculate thread demand per Style: BSI/ISO stitch classifications, stitch density, width of bite, material thickness, seam length, and end of seam wastage.

ITC may be used as a “stand-alone” application or as a fully integrated module within GSD Enterprise & GSD QUEST, and provides Total Thread Demand per Operation and Total Thread Cost per Style & Order

ITC benefits from simple functionality & rapid data entry, concurrent licensing, standard PLM interface via data export so that thread details and costs may be incorporated into Bill of Materials.

Paul Timson, Managing Director at GSD says: “We are delighted to be working in close co-operation with Amann and believe that ITC will bring real benefit to Amann’s customers and to GSD users alike. ITC is a product borne from a mutual will to bring benefit to the pre-production costing process and will form an important element in cost control, LEAN manufacturing and Product Life-Cycle Management. The response we had to ITC at the Texprocess (Frankfurt, Germany) show was unprecedented – truly tremendous. We see a bright future for this new and innovative product”.

With new and innovative products launched at Texprocess, traffic showed interest not only in GSD’s core product “GSD Enterprise” but also “GSD Quest” (for rapid graphic based costing) and “ITC” (for accurate and consistent calculation of thread demand).

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