Virtual Fitting Room: An ultimate solution for online apparel shoppers

When we purchase electronic items and books from online stores with full confidence then why not buy garments from online garment stores? 

The reason - do the clothes fit me? That is why shoppers think for a while to decide whether they go online shopping or not. Study says online stores that sell clothes get huge customer returns due to fit-related issues.

Now shoppers can try before they buy.

Virtual fitting room. Image recently launched "Female Fitbot Mannequin" that may eliminate FIT related problem with apparel purchased from online apparel stores. Online stores those have provided virtual fitting facility are getting most of the online shoppers and their customer return has gone down drastically. Using a robot for fitting on the computer screen provides customers how garment will fit on her physical body. To get exact fitting of the garment shopper has to enter her body measurement on the "virtual fitting room" Height, Neck, Bust, Waist - level to belly button and wrist to back of the neck.

Mr. Haldre, CEO of said, "The robotic mannequins are capable of morphing into approximately 100,000 different shapes, however for eCommerce only about 2,000 body shapes are used, and each garment is photographed on each shape. The fully automated photography takes about fifteen minutes per item, and garment samples are needed in every different size. 

It’s important to note that only four to seven garments (fit samples) are needed on average per brand to create the fit database. These samples don’t need to be replaced when the new season begins, which makes implementation rather simple. The IT integration is lightweight and takes less than two working days from the merchant’s side. The Virtual Fitting Room is a white label product, and allows online clothing retailers to easily integrate their full branding, look and feel on their individual websites."

This is really a great innovation for the e-commerce retailing. But the facility of the "virtual fitting room" is provided by limited web stores. For the Indian customers who are looking for shopping online from Indian web stores still  have to wait for virtual fitting room facility.

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