Garment Manufacturing Technology

Garment Manufacturing Technology (GMT) course, also named as Apparel Production or Fashion Production, is widely known and valued by the fashion industry in India as well as overseas. Under this professional course, one learns details of apparel production technologies like - the various process under apparel production, various types of production systems, machinery and equipment, latest technologies for the apparel production, apparel merchandising, knowledge from fibre to fashion.

Fashion industrialists always prefer GMTian from NIFT (India) because of its' course contents and depth of knowledge students learned and practised during their study.  

In comparison with other manufacturing industries garment manufacturing still lagging behind in company Infrastructures, Technology level, Production system, Management policy etc. To bring a big change in the garment industry qualified professional to placed in managing factories. To supply the logically sound and technically strong persons, fashion institutes build their students accordingly.

Subjects to Study at GMT Course

To become a good garment industry professional (especially in the garment manufacturing sector) one should have first knowledge of following areas and later to experience the field he/she going to work.
  • Textile basics (Fibre, Fabric, fabric processing and finishing), Textile testing
  • Pattern making, Sampling procedures
  • Sewing machinery, (Cutting, Sewing and Finishing machines and equipment)
  • Sewing production systems and advantages and disadvantages of each type of production systems
  • Garment production processes (From the design of a garment to selling it to a retail shop)
  • Brief knowledge of other associated processes like Printing, Embroidery, Dying
  • Productivity, Quality, and human management
  • Production planning and Control
  • Usage of IT in the apparel industry
  • Initially little about industrial engineering and later depth knowledge of Industrial engineering
  • Costing, Budgeting, and Cost Control

All the above areas are very important to be known by each student who studied Garment Manufacturing Technology. After completion of study when one joins in work then the gaining knowledge in that specific field is necessary. Otherwise, self-improvement will not come.

I have written a book on Garment Manufacturing which includes garment manufactury technology fields. If you are a beginner and interested in learning garment manufacturing technology, you can refer to my book.

This website (Blog) covers almost all subject areas that come under the Garment Manufacturing Technology course.

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