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Our aim is to educate and inspire all who are associated with the apparel and fashion industry through the OCS (Online Clothing Study) platform. We have achieved this goal to some extent by helping apparel and fashion students, newcomers and industry professionals. OCS blog was founded in January 2011. Now, OCS becomes one of the popular web portals in the apparel manufacturing industry.

Business owners and entrepreneurs follow and read OCS for technology solutions that can help them run their business profitably. They trust our recommendations and solutions.

We regularly publish new articles on garment manufacturing and related technology solutions.

Marketing Solutions

OCS can help businesses in many ways. The following are the preferred ways of promoting your business, product, and services.

Sponsored post:

You can promote your product(s), latest product development, case study, and success story by publishing a sponsored post on OCS. In the sponsored post, we will write about your brand/company and give a do-follow link to your product/service page.

We create custom content/articles featuring products and services that match the readers’ interests.

Banner advertisement:

Banner advertisement is a good way of increasing the brand’s visibility and bringing prospects to your sales page, or demo request page.

Your banner advertisement will be displayed on the webpage sidebar or/and header based on your choice. Banner artwork can be an image file or GIF file. Banner advertisement sizes are available as the following -

Banner Sizes (pixel)
Webpage Sidebar
300 X 125
300 X 250
300 X 600
Top of the page
728 X 90

Email marketing:

We can help you reach to your potential customers through email marketing.

Who can collaborate with us?

Apparel and apparel allied brands and companies.

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