Texprocess Innovation Awards 2024 and Winners List

Winners Texprocess Innovation Award 2024

Texprocess innovation

The winners of the 2024 Texprocess Innovation Award of the leading international Texprocess trade fairs have been announced. Six winners in three categories have received the coveted award for their pioneering research, new products, processes or technologies, processes or technologies.

The award-winning innovations show that textile solutions are essential drivers for further developments in numerous industries.

Dürkopp Adler 

Dürkopp Adler receives the Texprocess Innovation Award in the category "Innovation for quality improvement" for its new CNC sewing unit.

The "911Revolve" system enables perfect sewing in all directions. Car seats and car interiors, airbags, medical bandages, filters, and handbags. For example, these items can be sewn more precisely and of a higher quality. This reduces the need for additional machines. The official market launch is planned for this year's Texprocess.

911 revolve

Juki Central Europe

One of three Texprocess Innovation Awards in the "Economic Quality" category goes to Juki Central Europe for an innovative sewing machine called the "DDL-10000DX". It enables any user to handle three-dimensional sewing. According to Juki, the technology is a "world first in the sewing machine industry"

Juki machine

Mikkelsen Innovation

One of the most important production steps in the textile industry is completely manual or at most semi-automatic: sewing. In the "Economic Quality" category, the Texprocess Innovation Award went to the Danish company Mikkelsen Innovation for "FastSewn".

The patented technology is digitally controlled and enables automatic sewing and cutting. According to Mikkelsen Innovation, FastSewn is initially aimed at the production of airbags, car seats, sewn furniture parts, and industrial filters.


Odours, mould, contamination and pathogens - with the patented compact finisher "CF20 DesFin", these can be removed from garments without chemicals.

The Bavarian company VEIT received a Texprocess Innovation Award in the "Economic Quality" category for this. The technology will be used in the future in areas such as clothing logistics, online retailers, laundries and dry cleaners.


Less than 1 percent of old clothes are reprocessed into new clothes. Recycling is made more difficult by zips, buttons, labels, and elastic bands. Removing them requires a laborious sorting process.

In order to increase the textile recycling rate, the Belgian company Valvan has developed a machine that automatically recognises and removes non-textile parts from old clothing. The company received one of two Texprocess Innovation Awards in the "Digitalisation + AI" category

Institute of Textile Machinery 

The second Texprocess Innovation Award in the "Digitalisation + AI" category goes to the Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Materials Technology (ITM) and the Chair of Development and Assembly of Textile Products at TU Dresden for a new evaluation method for body scans based on 4D scans.

Soft body parts such as the female breast can thus be measured in motion. In the future, clothing manufacturers could use 4D body data such as this to develop more customised bras that are more comfortable to wear.

Learn more about the innovation awards and winners at texprocess website.

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