Bharat Tex 24: Memorable Moments and Insights from the Global Textile Event

Memorable moments from Bharat tex 24

The magnitude of Bharat Tex 24, the largest global event in its domain, cannot be overstated. Spread across more than 14 halls, the event boasted numerous booths representing a diverse array of product manufacturers, technology solution providers, service providers, and players in the textile supply chain. With many visitors, panel discussions, and presentations happening concurrently, encapsulating the sheer scale of the event in words is a daunting task. However, experiencing it firsthand was an enriching and unforgettable journey.

As a representative of CGS, I had the opportunity to participate in this monumental event. Our booth showcased a real-time production management system tailored for the sewn product manufacturing industry. Over the course of four days at Bharat Tex, I engaged with visitors at our booth while also taking time to explore other exhibitors' booths, albeit unable to cover every hall. I had the chance to interact with various solution providers, apparel manufacturers, and suppliers, broadening my perspective on industry innovations.

The event served as a platform for reconnecting with familiar faces and forging new connections. It was heartening to witness many attendees reunite with old friends and contacts amidst the bustling atmosphere. However, amidst the vast expanse of booths spread across different halls, some missed connections were inevitable.

Rather than delving into further details about Bharat Tex 24, I'd like to express my gratitude to the visitors who took the time to visit our booth and express interest in our solutions.

In this journal, I'm sharing some snapshots from the event, offering glimpses both within and beyond our booth, capturing moments before and after the event, and showcasing the diverse experiences and interactions enjoyed throughout.

With TradeLinkOne teamPhoto-1: With TradeLinkOne team

  Prabir Jana and Prasanta SarkarPhoto-2: With Dr. Prabir Jana from NIFT, New Delhi

with Dr. Rajesh Bheda and Maneesha Sharma
Photo-3: Dr. Rajesh Bheda Sir and Maneesha Sharma from Rajesh Bheda Consulting

Sanjib Kumar Sinha, Anuj Jain and Prabir Mukherjee

Photo-4: With Dr. Sanjib Kumar Sinha

Ujjwal Mondal
Photo-5: With Ujjwal Mondal

Prabir Mukherjee
Photo-6: With Prabir Kumar Mukherjee

With friends
Photo-7: With Amit Gupta (Moglix), Anubhav Sharma, Govind Singh, Durga Charan Das

Sheikh Minhaz Uddin
Photo-8: With Sheikh Minhazuddin from Eurofins

with Arnab Samanta
Photo-9: With Arnab Samanta from AYM Syntex Ltd
Debasish Maity
Photo-10: Debasish Maity from Shahi Exports at the Shahi Exports Booth

Photo-11: Dinabandhu Mahata and Jubaidur Rahaman from Groyyo Pvt. Ltd.

Photo-12: Md. Sariful Mondal from QIMA

with Bibhuti PradhanPhoto-13: Bibhuti Pradhan KAS Pty Limited

During the show, I had the pleasure of meeting numerous other industry professionals, although unfortunately, I did not capture photos with them.

Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend the NIFT Event on IndiaSize presentation. For those interested, I've shared the press release about the SizeIndia discussion here.

Noopur AnandPhoto-14: IndiaSize presentation

Photo-15: with Govind Singh and Manoj Tiwari

Exhibitor profile:

The exhibition featured a diverse range of exhibitors showcasing various products and solutions. Among them were booths from manufacturers specializing in jute products, carpets, home textiles, and accessories. Additionally, there were exhibitors representing technical textiles, yarn manufacturers offering a wide range of fiber types, fabric manufacturers, as well as providers of dyeing and printing solutions.

Some of the top apparel manufacturers and garment exporters from India actively participated in the event, each showcasing their products and collections at their respective booths. Prominent names such as Sahi Exports, Pearl Global, Eastman Exports, PDS Group, Richa Global, Ciel Textiles, SCM, and Pratibha Syntex were among the exhibitors.

A dedicated hall was allocated for garment manufacturers based in Tirupur, showcasing the region's contribution to the industry. Furthermore, leading domestic brands in the textile and apparel sector, including Aditya Birla Group, Reliance Group, Welspun, Indorama, Arvind, and Trident Group, made their presence felt with impressive booths. Below are some images capturing the essence of these renowned exhibitors' booths.

Photo-16: Images of some booths 

In conclusion, attending Bharat Tex 24 was truly a remarkable experience. With news of its return next year, I eagerly anticipate revisiting the show and reconnecting with fellow industry professionals. For those interested, there's much to explore about the diverse partners involved in Bharat Tex 24 across various categories. Until next time, I look forward to meeting you again at this dynamic event.

Pragati Maidan Bharat Mandapam Bharat Tex

Photo-17: Evening crowd outside Gate 4 on the first day.

Prasanta Sarkar

Prasanta Sarkar is a textile engineer and a postgraduate in fashion technology from NIFT, New Delhi, India. He has authored 6 books in the field of garment manufacturing technology, garment business setup, and industrial engineering. He loves writing how-to guide articles in the fashion industry niche. He has been working in the apparel manufacturing industry since 2006. He has visited garment factories in many countries and implemented process improvement projects in numerous garment units in different continents including Asia, Europe, and South Africa. He is the founder and editor of the Online Clothing Study Blog.

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