Minimum Wages in Bangladesh for Garment Workers in 2024

On 11 November 2023, the Ministry of Labour and Employment issued a gazette notification announcing Tk12,500 as the minimum monthly wage for the apparel industry (The Business Standard).

The new changes in wages:

Garde 3 and 4: Tk 13,550
Grade 2: Tk 14,273
Grade 1: Tk 15,035

In the meeting, among the five grades, Grade-4 was merged with Grade-3. So, now the final pay is unchanged for Grade-3 but raised for Grade-4, and it has been revised to Tk13,550 which was previously ‍announced as Tk13,025. Similarly, Grade-2 has been increased from Tk14,150 to Tk14,273 and Grade-1 has been increased from Tk14,750 to Tk15,035. (The Business Standard)

The U.S. News published:

DHAKA, Bangladesh (AP) — Authorities in Bangladesh announced a new salary structure on Tuesday for protesting garment factory workers with a 56% increase in the monthly minimum wage to $113 from the previous $75, a decision rejected by some workers' groups as too small.

State Minister for Labor and Employment Monnujan Sufian announced the decision after a meeting of a government-formed wage board made up of representatives of factory owners and workers. She said the new pay structure will take effect Dec. 1.

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