The Sustainability Report 2023 by The Interline

We are sharing the sustainability report 2023 published by The Interline, the fashion technology magazine for fashion professionals. If you want to know what is happening in the fashion industry in the area of sustainability and technology solutions available for traceability, you would like this report. 

Sustainability Report 2023

The Sustainability Report 2023 includes:

  • 15+ original and exclusive editorials and interviews, covering a wide spectrum of collective industry action, consumer psychology, manufacturing technology, impact calculation, supply chain transparency, design-for-impact, and more.
  • A listing of the technology companies that are directly addressing the mandate for environmental and ethical action – from value chain transparency and traceability, to impact measurement and lifecycle analysis.
  • Our first-ever baseline analysis of the technology market for sustainability, with indications of where innovation is realising the most value for brands, retailers, producers, and their partners – and where the ecosystem currently falls short.

Key details of the report:

In detail, you’ll find the following in our first-ever report on sustainability solutions for fashion:

Exclusive editorials from:
  • Amina Razvi, CEO of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition
  • Will Green, Co-Founder of LESTRANGE
  • Camille Tagle, Co-Founder of FABSCRAP
  • Ben Hanson, Editor-in-Chief of The Interline
  • Emma Feldner-Busztin, Features Editor of The Interline
  • Michael Colarossi, VP of Innovation, Product Line Management and Sustainability, at Avery Dennison
  • Garrett Gerson, CEO of Variant3D
  • Megan Doyle, Sustainability Journalist
  • Dounia Wone, Chief Sustainability & Inclusion Officer, Vestiaire Collective
  • Professor Matin Saad Abdullah, Technical Lead, Mapped In Bangladesh
  • Tricia Carey, Chief Commercial Officer at Renewcell

Technology vendor profiles and executive interviews for:

Market analysis dedicated to exploring the maturity of the ecosystem for sustainability solutions.

Download your free copy of The Interline’s Sustainability Report 2023 to begin exploring how far sustainability strategies in footwear, apparel, and accessories have come, how far they still have to go, and what role technology is playing in that vital and urgent journey.

Source: The Interline

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