Top 20 Denim Mills in Bangladesh

Top denim mills in Bangladesh
The requirement of denim fabrics for manufacturing denim items includes the staple jeans supplied by denim mills. Bangladesh denim mills are fulfilling the demand for denim fabrics and denim garments.

Bangladesh has been ranked as the second largest denim garments manufacturer and exporter right after China. Even years back, Bangladesh relied heavily on foreign countries to import denim. Currently, the manufacturers are making around 50% demand in the country and exporting the products to the international market.

This has been possible only because various denim mills manufacture denim products daily, contributing to the readymade garments sector immensely. Around 34 denim fabrics manufacturing mills in Bangladesh produce more than 435 million yards of denim fabrics each year. Approximately every year, around 200 million pieces of denim garments are exported to foreign countries from Bangladesh. 

The denim manufacturing industry in Bangladesh is huge in size in terms of its volume manufacturing.
In this article, I have listed the top and most well-known denim mills in Bangladesh. I have provided company names and their website addresses.

Denim fabric manufacturers

1. Beximco Denims Ltd.

BEXIMCO has introduced its own line of denim in the market. Different kinds of denim products like Chambray, Classic Blue Jeans, Black Jeans, Overdyed, Bull, and Stretch Denim are currently being produced in our denim factory.


2. Chittagong Denims Limited

Chittagong Denim Mills Ltd. is a 100% export-oriented denim fabric manufacturer. This company was incorporated in Bangladesh in 2005. The company commenced its commercial operations in 2007 and become an industry-leading Denim Fabric Manufacturer. Chittagong Denim Limited factory located at Kewa, Sreepur, Gazipur, Bangladesh, was built within 30 acres of land with a planned sustainable landscape and facility.


3. Amber Denim Limited

Amber Denim Limited is one of the top denim manufacturers in Bangladesh with a monthly denim fabric production (weaving) capacity of 2.2 million yards (Source: company website – 2023 data). With Denim and cotton business Amber Group have business in other fields.


4. Envoy Textiles Limited

World’s very first LEED Certified Platinum Denim Manufacturing Facility. The plant, including its own weaving and spinning facility, is located in Mymensingh, Bangladesh encompassing a massive area of 45 acres of land. A 100% export-oriented manufacturing company that started commercial operation in 2008 and became a Public Limited Company in 2012.

The first denim facility in Bangladesh to use Rope Dyed Technology, Envoy has a production capacity of 4.5 million yards each month. Being a backward integrated facility, Envoy has its own spinning facility capable to produce 70 tonnes of yarns per day.


5. Pacific Denims Limited


6. NASSA Denim Limited


7. Jamuna Denims Limited

Jamuna Denims came into being as a composite unit in 2005. The company produces basic to fancy denim. The factory has fully computerized high-speed air jet looms. Its products range from regular, canvas, and chambray to cross hatch, oxford, and bradford denim.


8. Square Denims

Square Denims is a sister concern of Square Textile division, located in North -Eastern Bangladesh at Habiganj. They have a wide production range of denim fabrics make Square Denims one of the innovative fabric producers. This denim plant is fully equipped with the high – tech machinery and equipment to produce innovative denim fabric.


9. Ha-Meem Denims Limited

Ha-Meem Denim one of the largest denim manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Ha-Meem Denim was established in 2007, currently having a capacity of approx. 5.0 million yards per month with an in-house spinning production up to 1200 Tons per month. It has end-to-end process from spinning to finished denim fabrics with modernization and state of art while becoming a complete vertical set up.


10. Argon Denims Limited

Argon Denims Ltd was incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 2006 to produce Denim Fabrics. The commercial operations of the company started in 2008. The factory is situated at Sreepur in Gazipur district of Bangladesh.

The Company mainly produces medium and premium range denim fabrics in various weights ranging from 4.5 Oz to 13 Oz. The annual production capacity will reach a mark of 18 million yards by December 2012.


11. Nice Denim Limited

Nice Denim is a completely integrated composite mill consisting of spinning, ball warping, rope dyeing, L.C.B, sizing, weaving, finishing, inspection, and pilot washing. The company is based in Sreepur and Gazipur in Bangladesh.


12. Shasha Denim Limited

Shasha Denim Limited is one of the leading 100% export-based denim manufacturers in Bangladesh. They have a production capacity of 2.10 million yards per month to produce different types of denim fabrics. They produce different types of denim fabrics from 4.50 oz to 15.00 oz, providing global customers with a range of colours from the lightest shades of indigo to the darkest hue and a range of effects and textures such as the smooth indigo surface and the salt effect in denim.


13. Pioneer Denim Limited

Pioneer Denim Limited, a division of Badsha Group of Industries, is situated in Habiganj, Bangladesh. It has a fabric production capacity of 60 million yards per year.

14. One Denim Mill Limited


15. Partex Denim


16. Mahmud Denims Limited

Mahmud Denims Limited company is one of the most successful textile manufacturers in Bangladesh. The Group has acquired a versatile product chain to cater to flexible orders in a shorter lead time. Being an industry-standard certificate holder, Mahmud Group assures the perfect blend of quality and efficiency.


17. Bengal Indigo Limited


18. Dhaka Denim  Limited


19. Desh Denim Mills Limited (RKD Group)

20. Aaron Denim Ltd.



You can find out more about their company, product gallery, and production process by visiting their website. If you are looking for sourcing denim fabrics and garments, you can get contact them. Here are the names and their contact information.


The information shared on this page about denim mills is based on the information available on company websites and other websites. Production capacity and company address may change at later time. You are suggested to refer to company websites for the current address and contact information.

This article is written by Md Mahedi Hasan from Bangladesh.

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