Technology's Role in Traceability & Circularity (PV TALK)

Traceability and Circularity

'Traceability' and 'Circularity' are among the top trends in the fashion business. International fashion brands to small clothing labels are following these trends to get traction with global fashion consumers. On the other side, technology is the key to business success.  

I found one interesting video on this topic. In this post, I am sharing one video from Premiere Vision's Talk. This panel discussion covers Technology's role in traceability and circularity. (Source: 

Here is the list of panelists: 

Chandra Prakash Jha, CEO & founder / FFBS
Laurent Bocahut, CEO & Co-founder / Peftrust®
Roman Houlbreque, Chief Customer Officer / Retraced
Mónica Rodriguez Corral, Co-founder & CEO / Recovo
Pauline God, Program Manager / TrusTrace
Presented by Ben Hanson, editor-in-chief / The Interline.

Watch the video on the PV website

Watch the video on

Watch and listen to the video here. 

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