What is Yarn Dyed Fabric?

What is yarn dyed fabric?

A fabric that is woven using dyed yarns to make specific patterns and designs in the fabric is called yarn-dyed fabric. Yarns are dyed prior to the weaving process and sometimes yarns are based on the fabric design plan.

Depending on the fabric design, dyed yarns are used either in the warp direction (stripes) or both the warp and weft directions (checks). The manufacturing cost and manufacturing time are higher compared to plain fabrics.

Yarn dyed fabric bedsheet
Image: Yarn dyed fabric patterns

Example of yarn-dyed fabrics:

Yarn-dyed fabrics are used in making shirts and other clothing items. Yarn-dyed fabric patterns are commonly used in flannel fabric, sarees, bedsheets, and home textiles.

Check shirts

Image-2: Yarn-dyed check shirt

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