10 Fabrics to Wear in Summer to Beat the Heat

Summer fabrics to wear

Oh, summer, the season of sweat and heat! Choosing the perfect fabrics for summer to wear during this time is crucial for staying comfortable. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk are a few choices out of many for summer. These fabrics are breathable and lightweight. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon can trap heat and cause discomfort. Light-coloured fabrics are also preferable as they reflect heat and keep you cool. So, let's swap out those heavy winter clothes for some breezy cotton and enjoy the summer!

Top 10 Summer Fabrics to Wear in Summer

Summer is the season to wear breathable fabrics that keep you cool and comfortable. Here are the top 10 lightweight fabrics for summer that every man should consider for their summer wardrobe.

1. Cotton

Cotton is a versatile and widely popular best fabric for summer wear. The properties of cotton define that it is a natural fabric that is breathable, lightweight, and absorbs moisture, making it an ideal choice for hot and humid weather. 

It's available in various styles, such as Oxford, chambray, and poplin, and is perfect for casual and formal wear. Examples include cotton T-shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts. Its durability and easy care make it a cost-effective option for your summer wardrobe.

Cotton shirts 

2. Linen

Linen is a natural fabric made from flax fibres, known for its breathability and lightweight texture, which makes it the best fabric for hot weather wear. It's highly absorbent, which helps to wick away sweat, and its natural texture gives a relaxed, casual look. 

It is available in various styles, such as pure linen fabric shirts , pants, and shorts, making it an ideal choice for any summer outfit. The fabric's natural wrinkles and creases give it character, and its durability is a profitable investment for the season.
Linen fabrics

3. Khaki

Khaki is a durable and adaptable breathable fabrics for hot weather wear. It's made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres, making it breathable and lightweight. Khaki makes a style statement with chino pants, shorts, and blazers, making it the right pick for casual and semi-formal events. 

Its neutral colour makes it easy to pair with other clothing items, and its durability ensures it lasts multiple seasons. Khaki is also easy to care for, making it a practical choice for any summer wardrobe.

4. Terry-Rayon

Terry-rayon is a soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking fabrics for summer wear. It's a blend of terry cotton and rayon, which gives it a unique texture and sheen. 

Terry-rayon is available in various designs, such as T-shirts, polo shirts, and shorts, making it perfect for casual outings. It's wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for and is ideal for travel. Its lightweight and comfortable texture ensures you stay cool and stylish in the summer heat.

Terry Rayon fabrics

5. Seersucker

Seersucker is puckered cotton and lightweight fabrics for summer wear. Its distinctive texture allows air to circulate, making it highly breathable and comfortable. Seersucker is available in various styles, such as button-down shirts, blazers, and shorts, making it versatile for casual and formal events. Its unique texture and patterns also add character to any outfit. Seersucker is easy to care for, and its durability ensures it lasts many seasons.

6. Silk

Silk is luxurious and breathable and one of the best fabrics for summer. Its natural fibers allow air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable. Silk is in vogues, such as dress shirts, ties, and pocket squares, making it apt for formal occasions. Its smooth texture and natural sheen add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Silk is also easy to care for and durable, making it a worthwhile investment for any summer wardrobe.
Silk Fabrics

7. Chambray

Chambray is a lightweight and breathable fabric. It is a cotton blend and has a unique texture similar to denim. Chambray is chic and can be styled as button-down shirts, shorts, and jackets, making it versatile for any casual or semi-formal event. Its durability ensures it lasts multiple seasons, and its unique texture adds character to any outfit. Chambray is easy to care for, making it the best fabric for a hot weather wardrobe.

Chambray fabric

8. Viscose

Viscose is a lightweight and breathable fabrics for hot weather. It's made from natural fibres, making it highly absorbent and comfortable. You can pair Viscose with T-shirts, polo shirts, and shorts for casual outings. Its smooth texture and natural drape give it an elegant and luxurious look. Viscose is easy to care for and durable to make your wardrobe dazzle in style.

9. Chiffon

Chiffon is a lightweight and sheer fabric. It's made from silk, polyester, or both. The material is highly breathable and comfortable. Chiffon can be tailor-made to button-down shirts, dress shirts, and scarves, making it versatile for any occasion. Its delicate texture and flowy drape give it a romantic and feminine look. Chiffon is easy to care for, making it practical fabrics for summer closets.

10. Flannel

Flannel is a versatile and comfortable material. It's soft and breathable. 

Flannel shirts are a classic style that's perfect for a casual look. Some benefits of flannel include its durability and ease of care. Examples of flannel styles include plaid and solid-coloured shirts, flannel-lined jackets, and pants. 

Flannel is a style statement for men who want comfortable, stylish, and lightweight fabrics for the summer season.

How to Select the Best Summer Fabric to Wear?

Here are some tips for selecting the best fabrics for summer to wear:
  • Look for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon.
  • Choose fabrics that have moisture-wicking properties as bamboo or polyester blends.
  • Avoid heavy and thick fabrics like wool and denim.
  • Consider the fabric colour. Lighter colours reflect heat, while darker colours absorb it.
  • Check for the fabric weave. Looser weaves allow more airflow and breathability.
  • Read the care instructions to ensure the fabric is easy to care for and won't shrink in the wash.
  • Consider the activity you'll be doing while wearing the fabric. Some fabrics are better suited for certain activities than others.
You can select the best summer fabrics for your wardrobe. Stay comfortable during the hot months with the above tips in mind.

Choosing breathable fabrics for hot weather is crucial for staying comfortable and calm. Fabrics like cotton, linen, and rayon are excellent options as they allow air to circulate and sweat to evaporate quickly. With the right clothing choices, one can enjoy the summer months without feeling bogged by the heat.

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