What is the Meaning of 3/15 Sewing Thread and TKT?

Thread TKT 3/15

When it comes to thread size, thread fineness, and sewing thread numbering, we see there are different sets of marking (numbering) used.

Here the question is –When a thread spool is marked TKT 3/15, What does this mean?

First, let me explain what TKT means in sewing thread.

TKT is a thread numbering system (unit). It refers to the thickness and fineness of the yarn (sewing thread) to be used for sewing apparel and other items. Ticket numbering is a commercial numbering system. Ticket numbers are merely the manufacturer’s reference numbers for the size of a given thread.

3/15 sewing thread:

In layman’s terms, it means the sewing thread is made of 3 plies and the resultant yarn count of the thread is 15. The individual yarn count is 45s.

The same number can be written as 15s/3

Similar examples:

Ne 60/3 Ring Spun yarn

Spun Polyester Sewing Thread Ne 20s/3 30s/3 40s/3 60s/3

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