Garment Sector Study Report by Technopak

Indian Garment sector study

This study was published in 2018. But still this document (Garment Sector Study Report) is a good reference material for understanding Indian garment sector.  

This study was conducted by Technopak and the study report was published on Ministry of Textile website. The report is available on the below link. You can download and read the full report. Here, I have added executive summary of the report.   


The ‘Study on Garment Sector to understand its requirement for capacity building’ is a comparative study of India and its key export competitors in International Apparel trade. Based on the ToRs, Technopak has considered China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Sri Lanka as key competitors to India. In this study Technopak has attempted an exhaustive approach covering all the key success factors of the industry and best industry practices followed by competing countries.

"This study would provide the Ministry of Textiles deeper understanding of Indian Garment Industry Infrastructure and ecosystem vis-à-vis its key Asian competitors. For each Term of Reference (ToR), we have provided specific inputs/recommendations for policy formulation and policy intervention by the Ministry of Textile." Technopak

The study report covers study and finding on the following areas. 

Term of Reference (ToR)

The Terms of Reference for the study includes:

ToR #1 – To study the technology level of machinery installed in Garment Manufacturing Industry in comparison with any two of the major garment manufacturing countries of the region like Bangladesh, China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam etc.

ToR #2 – To study the cross-country experience of 5 garment manufacturing units/firms each of Bangladesh, Vietnam and India in terms of skill regime, labor laws, quality control and tax regime/ concessions and compile the best practices.

ToR #3 – To study the assessment of the type and level of skill required in the domestic garment industry and possible support as visualized by the exporters to boost the exports of

garments from India.

ToR #4 – To study the possible arrangements for skill building in garmenting in Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka etc.

ToR #5 – To study the status of availability of skilled labor, raw materials (fabric) and embellishment etc. indigenously

ToR #6 – To study the domestic market and potential of garment export line wise for different countries

ToR #7 – Recommendation for possible forms of government intervention for skill building in garmenting

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