Full Form of CSV and RSV in Fabric Shade and Garment Quality Checking

CSV and RSV are the two terms commonly used in naming textile fabric shade variations.

RSV stands for Running Shade Variation. The shade variation found along with the fabric length is called running shade variation.

CSV standard for Centre Selvedge Variation. This type of shade variation found across the fabric width. The colour shade depth are different in centre of the fabric and at the edges (selvedges) on the fabric when checked width wise.

Both of these shade variations are considered fabric flaws. If the shade variation is prominent in the fabric, it is sent for reprocessing. And if the shade variation is prominent is garments, it is considered as a defective garment and separated from first quality garment. 

In case the fabric can't be rejected due shade variation, there is certain ways to use these fabrics for cutting garment parts. In marker marking, garment factories try to manage laying garment pattern in such a way that can reduce the appearance of shade variations in a ready garment.

Shade variation defect mainly found in solid dyed fabrics. To learn about the causes of occurring shade variations in fabrics, read this article.

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Fabric shade variations

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