Dark vs White-Colored Towels | Know the Benefits of Each

Towels a staple product for all bathrooms

The great white versus color towel debate is something very common all across the world. Some think that white towels are the best option for any bathroom, especially in a hotel. While others can’t resist the cheerful and funky look of the colored towels. 

When it comes to personal use, guests staying in any hospitality facility require using plush and clean hotel towels so that they are sure of them being freshly laundered. Imagine using a sheet or bedding with darker sheets, you may wonder about germs and the filth you can’t see because of the dark color. Although, white color may not be everyone’s pick as dirt and stains are clearly visible as compared to darker ones, indicating that they need to be washed more often.

However, it is still quite challenging to decide between white and colored. Here in this article we have listed some useful tips to make it easier for you to choose the best option for yourself.

Pros & Cons of White Towels

White towels benefits

When choosing white hotel supplies, consider the following benefits:

1. Cost Savings

Purchasing high-quality white bath towels might help you save money because of their versatility. They will always look good no matter how many times you upgrade your bathroom's décor. Also, you don’t need to replace the towels every time to match the new décor.

2. Elegance

The white color looks elegant and enhances your bathroom’s ambiance without being too much. You don't have to bother about your white towels looking outdated because of the color, since it's a timeless option. Even after a tiring day, you can just cover yourself in a luxurious white towel and imagine you’re at a spa.

3. Easy Cleaning

Because white towels don’t fade, you can bleach them as required to get rid of stains and keep that crisp white color. When you stock all of your bathrooms with white towels, you can do one large towel load without sorting them out by different colors and you can also avoid the risk of bleeding between colors.

4. Cleanliness

White color is synonymous with cleanliness. The clean and crisp towels will exactly be what you will want to dry yourself.

5. Stains

White-colored towels or sheets make even the smallest stain appear visible. One major source of staining on bath towels is makeup. If you don't thoroughly wash your face, any makeup that is still on your face while you dry it may easily shift to the towel. And if you don't treat the stain the right way, you might never get it out.

6. Yellowing

Another drawback is yellowing. This makes the towels look old, unclean, and faded. Properly cleaning your white towels can help them maintain their fresh white color.

Pros & Cons of Colored Towels

Colored towel benefits over white towels

1. Variety of Colors

By using inexpensive towels, you can easily brighten up your bathroom by adding a number of colors to it. It's much easier to hang colored towels than to completely repaint your bathroom.

2. Less staining

If you choose a darker towel color, the stain may not be as noticeable as it would be on white towels. However, no matter what the color is, you should always treat stains as soon as they are visible to you.

3. Coordinated look

Choosing colored towels permits you to coordinate with and enhance that scheme. The towel color can also help add more charm to the bathroom.

4. Fading

Colored towels are easy to get fade over time. This makes them look old and ragged, even if the performance is better. Splashes of bleach found in linen care items can cause spots of faded color, giving the towels a patchy look.

5. Outdated vibe

To upgrade your living or when it is about your preferences, they often change, which may cause you to ultimately dislike your towels, especially if they are trendy. If you remodel your bathroom, the new design scheme may not correspond with the towels you are using, which means it will need an additional cost to replace them.

6. Laundry specifications

Stains may be more difficult to remove when you use a colored fabric. During the first few wash cycles, the color on darker towels frequently bleeds and causes harm to other linens. To keep the towels organized and ready to put back into the linen closet after washing, you have to first sort them by color which is often time-consuming.

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