Mesta Corps | Mesta jute plants (with images)

I recently visited my village, Baragram, which is located in West Bengal. During this trip, I captured some photos of Jute corps farming done by villagers. You might already know about jute, the golden fibre. In Bengali, jute is called Pat (পাট ) or Pata.  Jute corps are cultivated in summer (in between March - July).  

In this post, I like to share some images of Mesta or Mesta jute, a different variety of jute. It s also known as a substitute of jute fibre. These jute plants are also called Nesta jute (Nesta pat). Compared to normal jute farming, mesta farming is very low in India.  

One benefit of cultivating this corp is grass-eating animals, like goats and cows, don't eat mesta leaves and mesta plants. So, farmers can easily grow mesta plants even where a lot of animals roam freely in the field.

Mesta is one kind of natural fibre used to make yarns and fabrics. The stem or bark of mesta plant is used for fibre production. In another post, I will share images of jute plants and jute fields.

Mesta jute corp

Image-1: Mesta jute plant

Mesta jute farming

Image-2: Mesta jute farming

Mesta jute

Image-3: Mesta plants grown bigger after 2 months (from previous image)

Image-4: Mesta leaves

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