Important Tips for Buying Good Quality Bath Towels

Bath Towel

Bath towel is one of the common textile items we need in our daily life. In this post, the author has shared a few important points you should know for selecting a good-quality bath towel. 

The general requirements for a bath towel are quite simple - we expect it to feel good on our skin, dry off fast, and serve us for years to come. When you buy your bath towel from the departmental store or textile shop, you can check its hand feels, fluffiness, and material quality.

When you buy textile items from online shops, especially bath towels, you have no opportunity to test the towel personally and determine its fluffiness. So, if you want to ensure quality and durability, it’s good to know some tips for picking proper home textiles. You may say that purchasing the most expensive ones can be the key to success. But we assure you that everyone can find the best bath towel sets within their budget and complementary to their standards. 

Here are some recommendations on how to choose the best bath towels for you and your family.

1. Opt for the Material of the Towel

To pick the material of a bath towel that will fit you perfectly, use simple rules:
  • Are you looking for softness and super-absorbent features? Dense and heavy 100% cotton will be the right choice.
  • Do you opt for fast-drying and high-durable towels? Pick blended polyester and cotton ones with short loops.
  • Choosing a 100% natural fabric, don’t be confused with the types of cotton:
  • Combed cotton is much softer and more durable than regular one thanks to special brushing of fiber before spinning.
  • Ring-spun cotton makes towel loops stronger and smoother thanks to the tight twisting of long and short fibers.
  • Hydrocotton, Microcotton, and Aerocotton are also natural cotton types named by the manufacturing process.

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2. Consider Size and Weight

Remember that there are no standards for bath towels, so not every towel will suit your body well. Before buying, look at the dimensions: for middle-height people, 30-by-60 inches should be sufficient. If you prefer to cuddle inside your towel after a bath, better pick a bath sheet. It is longer and wider than a common towel but made of the same materials.

The denser the towel, the higher its weight and absorbent ability. If you are planning to use it by your tub, choose a fabric with 600 grams per square meter (GSM) and more. For your gym bag, it will be too fluffy, so for a shower after fitness, it’s better to pick a low-pile towel with 300-400 GSM.

3. Choose the Brand, Not the Price

The pricing policy of different brands varies: some pieces of bath towels can cost up to $100. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find a decent luxury bath towel cheaper. Now, when you know the basic quality indicators and clearly understand your needs, it will be much easier to choose the towel of your dream at an affordable price.

Top bedding brands, such as Linens & Hutch, offer an entire bathroom set of high quality for the same amount. You’ll receive bath linen items, which are not only soft and elegant but also durable. Purchase your towels from a supplier with a good reputation and friendly return policy.

This post is written and contributed by Anna. 
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