List of Top Garment Manufacturing Companies in Egypt

This is a directory of 50 big and well-known garment manufacturing companies based in Egypt. A brief of the garment company is provided on the company website. The list is prepared by Agniv through online research. Go through the list of garment companies in Egypt. If you know any big names (Egyptian garment exporters) that are not included in this list, please let us know. We will include their names as well. 

Garment manufacturing companies in Egypt

Note: The information about the Egyptian garment companies shared in this list is collected from various websites (Internet) and company websites.  

1. Alpha Omega Egypt
Alpha Omega Egypt is an expansion of the ISSA Group, Syria is one of the leading clothing manufacturing brands in Egypt. It provides high quality tailored jackets and trousers for Europe, US, and Gulf markets

Age of company – More than 45 years
Website -

2. Mina free zone
Mina free zone located in cotton’s finest homes provides 100 % pure Egyptian cotton to its customers. It provides Men’s-wear, women’s-wear, and Kids-wear, in any fabric such as cotton, Rayon, Polyester, Linen, Indigo, and any and all blends of natural and synthetic fibers.

Age of company – More than 30 years

3. Egytaltex
Egyptaltex is an Egyptian textile and garment producing company that provides 100% pure cotton garments to its customers.

Age of Company- 21 years

4. Golden Wells
Mostly producing winter wear, Golden wells is a well-known company that abides by safety procedures and values customer service.

Age of company: Over 30 years

5. El Sham Company
El Sham Company established in 1985 in Halab, Syria was mostly noted for its specialized field of jeans washing and cotton processing. It moved to Cairo, Egypt in the year 2000 to achieve the best technical success with all our technical experience and mass production

Age of Company- 37 years

6. Vogue Velocity
Equipped with modern types of machinery, strong sales expertise, and social responsibility Vogue velocity and apparel are one of the leading manufacturers of Denim, Activewear, and Knit Apparel Garments in Egypt shipping its products to the world’s top brands in European & US markets.

Age of Company: Over 30 years

7. Jet – Egyptian Garments
Jet-Egyptian Garments was founded in 1979 in Cairo. However, it started operating in 1981. It was led by three Business Industrialists- Makram Osman, Ahmed Said, and Miazy El Saady who helped to sore this company to great heights of success.

Age of company: 41 years

8. El Ghannam
El Ghannam is a very well-known name in the Egyptian textile industry that ships high-quality and varieties of products to the European market. It is noted for its kitchen and bath towels flat and terry towels as well.

Age of Company: Over 35 years

9. Cairo Cotton Centre
Cairo cotton centre is a part of the shareholder Tobla group producing around 15 million Garments per year and around 2,500 tons of cotton Fabric. Apart from this the company also does Knits, woven and denim wear as well as fabrics, dyeing, printing, embroidery, and retail.

Age of Company: 32 years

10. Almaz Egypt
Almaz Egypt is mostly famous for its Egyptian cotton underwear for men Briefs, boxer, Bikini, Shorts, Jockstraps and all Underwear types and sells products all over the world.

Age of Company: 42 years

11. El Mahaba for knitting & garment
It is a knitting manufacturing company and produces cotton, acrylic, and wool sweaters for men. Established in Giza, Egypt this company provides designer and high-quality products to its customer.

Age of Company: 29 years

12. Al Yasmine Textile Company
Al Yasmine Textile is a very well-known textile company offering a variety of products to its customers all around Egypt.

Age of Company: 34 years

13. Saad Morsy & Company
Established in Cairo, Egypt Saad Morsy & Company is one of the finest garment producing companies in Egypt producing Men and Women sweatshirts, jeans jackets, leather jackets, Trousers, pullovers, shirts, and casual wear.

Age of Company: 32 years

14. Queen of Suebia
It is a Multinational Company that specializes in producing women's wear in Egypt. From designer garments to high-quality products, Queen of Suebia surely makes its mark.

Age of Company: over 20 years

15. Concrete
Concrete is the most prominent textile and garments manufacturing group of factories in the Middle East serving high-quality garments to its customers worldwide. It has over 40 stores in Egypt which serves numerous clients around the globe.

Age of Company: 33 years

16. Dolphin Garment
Located in Port Said public free zone, Egypt dolphin garment is well known for manufacturing readymade garments like pants, jeans, shorts & skirts.

Age of Company: 32 years

17. Cottonil
Cottonil is a manufacturing company in Egypt that manufactures underwear and cotton products. It owns 50% of Egypt’s underwear market, with a sizable volume of investments. The company also has authorized distributors in 12 countries in the Arab region, including UAE, Jordan, KSA, Sudan, Morocco, and others.

Age of Company: 23 years

18. El-Nasr Clothing & Textiles Co. (KABO)
It is one of the pioneers in the field of textile and garments in Egypt. Kabo is known for its high-quality knitted underwear, loungewear & intimate apparel for men, women & children as well as sportswear.

Age of Company: 82 years

19. Linea Verde
Linear Verde produces one of the finest quality luxury collections of contractual upholstery and curtain fabrics, trimmings, interior soft

furnishings, and accessories that suit every customer. Its showroom is custom-designed to reveal comfortably its products in order to satisfy its customer’s demands.

Age of Company: 30 years

20. LionDove
LionDove is an Egyptian fast fashion (clothing and accessories) retailer based in Cairo. The company was founded in 2006. It provides varieties of men’s apparel to its customers.

Age of Company: 14 years

21. Eroglu Egypt
It laid its foundation in 1983 as a small garment company producing readymade garments. Today Eroglu has been extended to 38 countries employing 15000 employees providing high-quality denim and cotton fabrics.

Age of Company: 39 years

22. Hesni Textile
It is one of the heritage companies of Egypt. It was established over a century ago in 1898 by Noaman Hensi who started trading silk and other fabrics in Egypt. Today, it continues to provide high-quality fabrics for apparel, uniform, activewear, and home textiles markets in Egypt and around the world.

Age of Company: 124 years

23. Salamtex
Established in 1936, Salamtex is the leading producer of lace fabric in the Middle East and Northern Africa with an international client list of 15 countries. It is also famous in the medical sector for providing intimate garments.

Age of Company: 86 years

24. Sammakia bros
Founded by Mr. Radwan Sammakia in 1996 in Cairo, Egypt, the Company is specialized in the manufacture and trade of circular knitting-based products. This company is known for its innovation and creativity in the manufacturing and trading of men’s underwear, home wear, and socks.

Age of Company: 26 years

25. Dana Uniform
They use the best material for producing uniforms of high quality and comfort. They always try to serve their clients in the best way and highly values customer satisfaction.

Age of Company: 24 years

26. Lotus Garments Co.
Having more than 20 years of experience in the denim industry, Lotus garment produces high-quality denim which is famous worldwide. Today it delivers about 16 million jeans annually to Levi’s, Polo Ralph Lauren, and VF Corporation, among others.

Age of Company: 28 years

27. Kazareen Textile company
Kazareen Textile Group is a London-based textile supply company with worldwide clients. It has its offices in the UK, Germany, France, Canada, USA, Egypt, Dubai, and Shanghai which offers fully integrated services from design and sourcing, to manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and distribution. Kazareen Textile Company is KTG’s own production arm operating eight garment and textiles manufacturing facilities in Egypt.

Age of Company: 31 years

28. Sahinler Egypt

It is a joint-stock company producing a wide range of apparel including sportswear, children’s wear, men's and women's apparel. It was listed as the 18th Biggest Textile Manufacturer in the world according to German Textile Wirtschaft Magazine.

Age of Company: 16 years

29. Assouad Textile

Assouad Textile was established in Cairo in 1936 by George Assouad, a veteran who aspired to create a textile giant in Egypt. Assouad Textiles today operates a weaving mill in Sadat City, and the Zeitoun Dye House, which is established over around 33,000 square meters employing many workers providing high-quality apparel and fabrics to its customers.

Age of Company: 86 years

30. Nounou Bros group

Having a rich family business history, Nounou bros was established in 1952. Dedicated to excellence in textile and garment production and trading, the group is composed of several companies which engage in all the activities of the supply chain from producing their own yarn to dying to apparel production.

Age of Company: 70 years

31. Seifeldin fashion
Seifeldin fashion is a trading company that produces underwear and outerwear for the domestic market and exporters of the United States of America, Europe, and Arab countries for more than fifty years. Its Egypt sector was established in 1954 in Semouha, Alexandria.

Age of company: 78 years

32. T&C Garments
It is a joint venture company manufacturing denim for the export market. It is a part of the Tolba group. In 2013 we created the T&C Garments Development Center, a research and development hub, which offers inventive solutions for our clients and this industry as a whole.

Age of Company: 12 years

33. ACE Apparel
It is a joint-stock company and a member of the Ready-Made Garments Export Council in Egypt. With over 600 employees and using nearly 400 sewing machines, the company produces a monthly average output of 500.000 pieces of garments a month.

Age of Company: 7 years

34. Cleopatra clothing company
Established as a small clothing factory, Cleopatra clothing has grown into a Manufacturing company that creates different high-end quality of Children’s Underwear, Men’s underwear, and women’s apparel that are made up of 100% Pure Egyptian Cotton.

Age of Company: 12 years

35. International Textile house of Egypt
This an Egyptian garment manufacturing company that provides high-quality sportswear which is fashionable and yet functional.

Age of Company: 20 years

36. Skytex Egypt
Skytex Company is one of the most promising textile brands in Egypt which provides a wide variety of fabrics at very low prices. It provides both woven and knitted garments.

Age of Company: 12 years

37. Lonetex and Delta industries
Lonetex is a well-known company for producing outwear, whereas Delta is known for producing underwear. Currently, its production capacity is approximately 250,000 – 375,000 pieces of outerwear and 470,000 – 600,000 pieces of underwear monthly. It specializes in knitted garments (ladies, men and children’s) of all kinds including a wide range of T-Shirts, Sweat-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Leggings, Rugby Shirts, Underwear and Sportswear

Age of Company: 55 years

38. Daly dress
Daly dress is a subsidiary brand under the umbrella of El Shamsi for Trading and Agencies (STA). The brand was born in 1981 as a lifestyle Egyptian fashion brand for Men and Women. Daly dress was originally set up to commercialize menswear but in 1992 a new team was created to launch a complete collection of womenswear ranging from casual styles to the urban, sophisticated look.

Age of Company: 30 years

39. Mix and Match
It is a company providing sustainable fashion wear to its Customers. All its products are sustainable as they are made from 100% Organic and natural yarns.

Age of Company: 37 years

40. Palma
Established in 2016 Palma is an Egyptian E-commerce brand empowering independent women to wear whatever they want and celebrating the many characteristics they have. In a short period of time Palma has gained a lot of customers in Egypt.

Age of Company: 6 years

41. Sharabati Denim
It is one of the finest denim producing companies in Egypt established in 1978. Their products are produced in an ecofriendly way thus providing sustainability to the planet.


42. Opio Shop
Opio shop is a clothing brand in Egypt that focuses on women’s wear and fashion. The company claims that its products are instantly recognizable with their clean lines, subtle detailing, and soft quality textiles, creating an effortlessly chic look.


43. Alextex
Established in 2001 in Alexandria city, Alextex has already made its mark in Egypt and European Market. It provides good quality men, women and children's garments at a reasonable price.


44. Liena Textile Egypt
LTE is one of the few textile manufacturing companies in Egypt that are approved to supply top brand names and department stores. It provides the finest quality knitted garments for men, ladies, and childrenswear for export and local market.


45. Alfagr Men’s Wear
It is a well-known men’s apparel company in Egypt providing premium quality cotton shirts to its customers.


46. Genedi Company
Founded by Omar Hussien Genedi, Genedi Company is one of the premium Egyptian apparel producing company producing men's wool and tricot apparel. Having over 400 employees and their monthly output reaches 90 000 pieces of plain T-shirts and fleece.


47. Rsquared (AbayaCompany)
Founded by entrepreneurs Whalid Fawzy and Rana Rashid Rsquared (Abaya company) has established itself as one of the leading fashion modelist in Egypt. Its main goal is to provide women with modest Islamic fashion clothes with a wide variety of elegant designs.


48. Farag Company
It is one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of Fabrics, Home Textile & Garments Products in Egypt. Being a part of the Farag group this company is famous for using its Egyptian cotton to build its product. They provide all sorts of Bottoms, Denim, and Non-denim products such as cargo, chino pants, shorts, skirts, and many more.


49. Zaafarania Garments and Knitting
Founded in 1996 in honor of its founder Mohamed El Zaafarani the company’s interest in exports increased towards the European and American Markets. It has its biggest client in Germany.


50. Mamzi
Founded by Mariam Magdy Abdelghany, MAMZI is an iconic ready-to-wear clothing brand providing authentic fashion garments with a modern twist. Designed and produced in Egypt it provides high-quality products with very innovative designs building quite a name in Egypt.


51. Delta Textile, Egypt

Delta Textile Egypt is a vertically integrated underwear manufacturing business that manufactures a varied range of different products for customers including M&S, Calvin Klein, Tommy, Hugo Boss, Victoria's Secret, Kmart, Target, etc..


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