Difference between industrial machine and hand sewing machine

In this article, I have tried to put together some notes to compare a hand sewing machine and an industrial sewing machine.

Sewing machines 
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A hand sewing machine is also called a handheld and hand-operated sewing machine.

Hand sewing machines are operated by hand. It means the sewer rotates the handwheel by her/his hand for sewing a piece of cloth. You can run a hand sewing machine at a very low speed. The good thing is that new models of hand-operated sewing machines can be converted into normal pedal sewing machines by adding tabletop and stand. A motor can be attached as well.

An industrial sewing machine is an electric power-driven and high-speed sewing machine. Industrial sewing machine speed is controlled using a foot pedal. For mass garment production, industrial sewing machines should be used. If anyone planning to start a garment workshop and garment factory, he/she must buy industrial-grade sewing machines.

To operate an industrial sewing machine, sewing operators need to undergo an operator training program to learn machine handling and material handling. 

On the other hand, hand sewing machines are used for sewing and repair work at home. Mainly used for domestic work, kids project. This machine comes with a base. This machine can be operated on a bed and sitting on the floors. For patchwork, attaching decorative fabrics on the fabric, hand sewing machines can be used. Teenagers who have an interest in sewing works can start learning sewing using a hand-operated sewing machine.

The handheld sewing machine can stitch only a straight line.

In the industrial sewing machine category – there are various types of sewing machines (lock stitch, overlock, flatlock, bar tacking, chain stitch machines, etc.) used for different types of stitch classes and making different types of seams. There are semi-automatic sewing machines available in industrial-grade sewing machines.

To compare the machine price point –
The price of Handheld sewing machines is less compared to industrial sewing machines. It may fall between INR 3500/- to INR 6000/-. The common brands for Hand sewing machines are Singer and Usha. Industrial sewing machine prices widely varied depending on machine type, automation, and machine brands. An industrial lock stitch machine price may fall between INR 12000/- to  INR 35000/-

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