What is the first step to make the yarn?

Question: What is the first step to making the yarn?

The yarn-making process is called the spinning process. Yarn making (spinning) process consists of a couple of steps. Ans each step has many subprocesses. For your note, there are different steps to make yarn for different fibre types. To answer this question, we will consider cotton yarn making.

The first step is the blow room process in cotton yarn production. The purpose of the blow room process includes the followings
  1. Opening fibre from cotton bales,
  2. Cleaning and dust removal from cotton fibres,
  3. Blending of yarns (if needed)
The blow room is consisting of different machines to carry out the objectives of blow room. In blow room the tuft size of cotton becomes smaller and smaller. The blow room process is the preparation step for carding of cotton fibres. 

Prior to blow room processes, there are few other processes that prepare the cotton bales. In case, one likes to consider the yarn-making process from the cotton field, the first step of yarn manufacturing would be cotton seeds (cotton balls) plucking from the cotton plants. The next step is a mechanical process is called ginning.

Cotton Ginning

Ginning is the first mechanical process involved in processing cotton. Ginning mill separates cotton fibre from the seed bolls and dust particles. The main application of ginned cotton referred to as lint is for spinning operations, where lint is converted to yarn.

Major processes of yarn making

Following are the major steps of cotton yarn manufacturing. 
  1. Cotton Ginning
  2. Blow room
  3. Carding
  4. Drawing
  5. Combing
  6. Roving
  7. Ring frame

Carding process:

In the carding process, cotton fibres are opened to the individual fibres. This process helps in disentangling fibre neps, eliminating short fibres, and orientation of fibres. Finally, at the end of carding machine cotton sliver is formed.

Drawing (Draw frame):

In the drawing process, multiple layers of slivers are passed through a draw frame is used to improve the evenness of fibers. A draw frame consists of multiple sets of rollers that rotate at different speeds and draw the slivers to make roves.

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