How to Create a Tech Pack Online with Techpacker?

Using modern web applications allows fashion designers to ditch old-fashioned programs like Excel with its static spreadsheets. And avoid complex and high-priced systems like fashion PLM software. These fashion web apps walk you through all stages of creating a professional tech pack by providing ready-to-use templates and formulas. And the best thing about the web applications - they are cloud-based, so your computer is not a vault for those hundreds of folders and files anymore! All design data is securely stored and easily accessible.

Ready to see it in action? 

Let’s create a tech pack together in five easy steps!

Step-1: Add callouts to your technical sketches

Using web applications like Techpacker you can add callouts directly on your sketches. Simply upload your sketches or sync them using the Adobe Illustrator plugin.

Techpacker allows you to add annotations simply by clicking on them. Click and drag on the part of your sketch where you want the call-out line to be. This is drawn, initially, as a flat line annotation. Drag this line for as long as you like and then a box will appear on the right-hand side. The callout field on the right will let you add your comment.

Step-2: Create a Measurement Spec Sheet

Techpacker provides you with a preset table for your garment spec sheet. All formulas are built-in, so all you need to do is enter your sample size. Techpacker, complete this auto-grading for you based on the rule you provide. This helps speed up the process and avoid mistakes.

Watch how to create a Grading Sheet in just 3 minutes.

Step-3: Create a Bill of Materials for your garment

Techpacker provides you with a perfectly formatted Bill of Materials table for you to fill out. You can add your materials as individual cards and store them in a card library. At any time re-use your cards by simply dragging and dropping them into a materials table.

Step-4: Add Costing Sheet

Add a Costing Sheet in one click on Techpacker. It will be automatically generated based on your Materials Sheet. All you need to do is enter consumption (number of items needed or fabric yardage) and price per item/yard. The table will calculate the total for you using the built-in formula.

Step-5: Generate a factory-ready tech pack in one click

And the final best thing about cloud-based software is that it does all of the formattings for you. You don’t need to create all tables separately and then manually combine them in one final document. In just one click Techpacker generates a professional-looking tech pack for you. With all your technical sketches, reference images, tables, and comments.

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