Fabric consumption calculator for woven shirts

Woven Shirt Fabric Consumption Calculator
(Enter all measurement including seam allowances)

Fabric width (cm) Fabric Waste(%)
Shirt component Measurement
in length (cm)
Value Component
width (cm)
1. Body front Front Length from HPS 1/2 Chest
2. Body back Back Length from CB 1/2 Chest
3. Sleeve Sleeve length 1/2 armhole (straight)
4. Collar Collar length Collar width
5. Collar band Collar-band length Collar-band width
6. Cuff Cuff length Cuff width
7. Chest pocket (1) Pocket height Pocket width
8. Back yoke (2 plies) Yoke height Yoke width
9. Front placket(left+right) Front placket length Front placket width

Fabric Consumption per Shirt:_______

Note: All fields are mandatory. If you want to skip any measurement points, type '0' in that place.

Disclaimer: The above calculation is made based on the sum of pattern areas (considering each pattern is a rectangular shape) and then the area is converted into linear fabric length by diving fabric width. In actual you should estimate fabric calculation based on marker. Actual fabric requirements may vary depending on these variables.


An example:
I have taken one shirt from my wardrobe. It is a 39 size full sleeve formal shirt (Brand - Peter England). I have taken the following measurements (Image-1) in centimeters and also noted seam allowances and folds (pocket opening, bottom fold). 

Formal shirt measurements
Image-1: Shirt measurement 

With the above measurements, I have calculated fabric consumption (Image-2) using this fabric consumption calculator. Fabric width (54 inches) is converted into centimeters (137cm). Fabric wastage 5%. After entering all values on the calculator, click on the 'Calculate' button. 

The calculated fabric consumption is 141 meters.  

Sample calculation for fabric requirement
Image-2: Sample calculation using Online Fabric consumption calculator

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