Difference between operator performance and operator rating

Sewing operator's performance Vs rating

Industrial engineers and production person may already know the basic difference between the above two terms operators’ performance and operator rating. The following comparisons of these two terms will help beginners to understand their meaning and how they are different. Keep reading my notes on the following pointers.

Operator performance Vs Operator rating

An operator's performance is measured in efficiency percentage, and it is calculated based on data - produced SAH by an operator and total working hours in a day.

On the other hand, operator rating is subjective data. It means, if two work-study persons rate an operator on the same operations (task), they may give a different rating for the same task. 

Operator performance is measured based on the target production and actual production. The performance (Efficiency) is the ratio of Actual production and Target production. Whoever calculates the operator’s efficiency (performance) will remain the same for a day.

Operator’s rating is the work-study person’s assessment of an operator’s working rate to whom he/she is studying in performing a task (a sewing operation or another task). 

You measure the operator’s performance every day whenever he works on the floor and makes garments. You can measure the performance trend of an operator from his/her historical performance data. The performance level will vary depending on the operation type (critical level), availability of WIP, operator’s skill.

On the other hand, an operator’s rating is measured for establishing the standard time of a sewing operation.

An operator’s efficiency is calculated to measure her/his performance ( and skill level) on the given operation.

Operator rating can be derived from operation SAM and operation cycle time.

Comment by Marthi Bela | ERP, PMTS, and Garment Industry Specialist.
Interesting topic Prasanta. Let me to complete with one more explication. The rating of the operator can be 100% during observation of executing 1 operation even if she never achieved 100% efficiency, because of loading or line balancing reasons. Maybe the operator is able to realize 200 pcs/ day from the observed operation, but if the line output is only 180 pc/day, in a better situation will do other operations but possibly with lower efficiency.

The difference between rating and efficiency is difficult to be deeply understood, without properly using SFC systems.

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